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Why I loved being Pregnant

This is a guest blog post that I wrote for Mama Dear , Check out her page and follow her for insightful content and inspiring stories. You can also follow her on Facebook here *** Aren’t pregnant ladies just radiant? It’s such a miracle to grow a life inside of you; and although I literally had heartburn every…… Continue reading Why I loved being Pregnant

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Welcome to stage “Threenager”

You have arrived at the wonderful ‘three’s’, you may not pass begin, you may not collect reinforcements. Prepare yourselves ahead of time… dye your hair grey! Okay, so I may be over-exaggerating. Maybe not though? When your newborn reaches the first big milestones. they tell you… “just wait until the twos”. Then you get to…… Continue reading Welcome to stage “Threenager”


What do woman want on Valentines Day?

Firstly, when I say woman, it doesn’t necessary mean all as this is a personal post, but I’m certain I not the only one that feels this way. Secondly, I fully agree that Valentines day is money making scheme. Everything is marked up and over-priced. Argh! But deep down, woman love valentines day because it’s…… Continue reading What do woman want on Valentines Day?

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This is for the woman who has ever felt unworthy.

Truth is, everything that happens in our life, mould’s us, changes us and leaves an imprint on our hearts. Woman are emotionally beings, we put feelings in front of everything. Every memory or action provokes an emotional reaction within us. Then a lovely lady told me to listen to this song, “She used to be…… Continue reading This is for the woman who has ever felt unworthy.