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Oh Boy… It’s the Feisty Fours

Wowee, I mean I remember those wonderful weeks vaguely. The sleep regression, the feeds, the crying but you sort of think that once your child can walk, talk and feed themselves that growth spurts are a thing of the past! Don’t be fooled! Our dearest Connor Bean has reached the feisty fours and boy are…… Continue reading Oh Boy… It’s the Feisty Fours

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Back to School Edition: Benefits of Play-Doh

Play-Doh has been around for years ( since 1956 to be exact) and is a childhood staple for imaginative play. But the buck doesn’t stop there. We recently received a gift from Hasbro, one of the Kitchen Creation Series – Pizza Party, this sets encourage the whole family to get involved in the fun. Making…… Continue reading Back to School Edition: Benefits of Play-Doh

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Budget Family Outings: Flag Animal Farm | Ballito

Life is mad race, right? Between kids and jobs, we are constantly on the go. Sometimes we just need a little down time, out of the hustle and bustle of the city and in the dirt, sometimes literally.   Flag Animal Farm is where we headed, They are having their Annual Spring Fair this weekend…… Continue reading Budget Family Outings: Flag Animal Farm | Ballito

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Raising a Strong Willed Child

It’s not for the weary, you will probably question your parenting abilities numerous times. A strong-willed child is destined for greatness, their determination and sheer will, will get them through anything, and best of luck to anyone who tries to stop them (Good luck to us while raising them) The Irony of my strong-willed child…… Continue reading Raising a Strong Willed Child

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Out the mouths of babes | Conversations with a 3 year old

The innocence of children right? If you ask a direct question, you best expect a direct answer and it might knock you off your feet but I can promise its going to be cute! There are SOOO many (So many) things to find difficult about this age (in case you weren’t aware I live with…… Continue reading Out the mouths of babes | Conversations with a 3 year old

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“The Monkey stole my bottle”

Shame, perhaps I was a #badmom by allowing the monkey to take the blame for the disappearing milk bottle. Every-time we see a monkey now, Connor shouts out “Naughty Monkey, Monkey took my bottle”, which means my poor child is still hung up on this bottle story. At the end of the video, you…… Continue reading “The Monkey stole my bottle”