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Out the mouths of babes | Conversations with a 3 year old

The innocence of children right? If you ask a direct question, you best expect a direct answer and it might knock you off your feet but I can promise its going to be cute!


There are SOOO many (So many) things to find difficult about this age (in case you weren’t aware I live with a Threenager) but there is also soooooo much to love.

Initially i was a bit concerned about Connor speech, he just wasn’t talking as much as other kids his same age… and although i was able to understand him, it wasn’t where I thought it should be. As moms, we often make this fatal mistake. Your child is different, unique and 1 of a kind. They all develop as their own pace and within their own time.

To put you mind as ease; if you are like me and perhaps a little concerned that your toddler is just a mumble jumble of words, don’t stress, they will get there. (Of course, there are reasonable guidelines and real causes for concern but this is just aimed at the moms, like me, that put unnecessary pressure)

So here’s a little update on recent conversations with my son, I hope you find something to relate to and please share it with me!


Me: Connor, please stop picking your nose. What are you looking for?

Connor: More boogers


Connor: You go away mommy

Me: Connor, who do you think you are talking to?

Connor: You



It’s a new thing now days to tell us to “Stop it” for everything and the truth is… he is just mimicking what we say… we are constantly saying… Stop this or stop that… Stop running in the house (we leave in a flat with wooden floors and a grumpy neighbour). It’s no lie, kids are sponges.. they pick up everything we say.


Granny: Good morning my baby

Connor: Stop It!


Me: You are such a good boy. Well Done my baby!

Connor: Stop it!


Please don’t try to give my kid a compliment, it will end badly for you! Hahaha


Also, be prepared, because the cuteness can strike at anytime.


* When Connor tries to get our attention *

Connor: Okay guys, guys, listen!



Some of my favourites

Me: Morning my baby, time to get up for school and have some breakfast.

Connor: No, you go, I dudu more. 


* When the movie finished and song comes on*

Connor: Come dance mommy. Wiggle your bum.


Me (At bedtime): Go to sleep my baby, close your pretty eyes

Connor: Go to sleep baby, close your pity eyes


Then there is the spontaneous full sentences that catch me by surprise.

I picked Connor up from school and he says in a very sad voice

Connor: Connor is a naughty boy, teacher said I naughty

Me: Why baby? What happened?

Connor: I made a poop in class.

Well I dove for that homework book so quickly and was just about to jump out the parked car and check his underpants when I realized he just meant a fart…

Me: Oh No! Was it a loud poop?

Connor: Ja

Well I couldn’t contain myself…. The look on his face was priceless. It one of those moments that you wish you had a camera permanently recording your child.


Fetch Connor from school on a Tuesday, the day he plays soccer.

Me: Hello my baby, did you enjoy soccer?

Connor: Yes, I’m dynamite

(Yes, you certainly are my boy)


The morning rush goes a little like this….

Me: Connor, why do you only have 1 shoe on? Please put your other shoes on, we need to go!

Connor: You put your shoes on!

(Yes, I was still bare foot – BUT that is besides the point. Haha)


Bathing Connor, I say in a sweet voice.

Me: Can the my little fish go and fetch the soap

Connor: No the fish is gone



Kids crack us up. they are crazy and wild and noisy. Your house is going to be upside down and possible look like a tornado just pulled through but it will be bursting at the seams with cute little phrase and an abundance of attitude that comes from a little pack of dynamite.

One of my favourite things about being a parent is when you see yourself in your child. The little reminder of what a beautiful human you created.

Embrace every little moment with them (I know we all do) but one day we will look back and really miss these moments.





7 thoughts on “Out the mouths of babes | Conversations with a 3 year old

    1. Awww Melissa, thank you so much for your comment. They really do bring so much humor into our lives. Your little one sounds so cute. Sometimes i find it so hard to keep a straight face when i need to be serious with him. haha


  1. I am loving this age with my Noah. He is 2.5yrs now, and the things he says! My all time favourite is when he is eating or drinking something, and then he’ll look at us and go “mmmhmmm, eeeeelicious!” in the absolute cutest way! I love it!! Megan xx

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