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Is my child at risk because of my blog?

There is so much heartbreak and tragedy going on in South Africa recently ( and the world too) but the hysteria over the recent ‘human trafficking’ and missing children that is being circulated is giving me sleepless nights.

Now I know that not everything shared is real and factual news reports need to be read as all the wrong things can go viral very quickly.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that our children are at risk of predators.

By posting his pictures on my platforms of over 3000 + followers ( if you combined all my platforms) am I putting him at risk?

I share his name, our names, our area, I share his age, the things he likes to do or doesn’t like to do. I share his personality and I share where we like to hangout.

That is a lot of information that can be used against us.


Now I do try to take precaution in the following ways:

  • I never share him in his school uniform or disclose the school that I send him to
  • I no longer post naked pictures or bath pictures and any that I had up – I have deleted.
  • I do not do ‘real time’ tagging. I don’t tag myself or my family at the park the exact moment we are at the park. If I want to tag a place or a new coffee shop – I always do it afterwards, either once we are home or the next day.

But are these things enough??

I follow Mommy blogger and TV personality Joanne Strauss and initially, I couldn’t understand why she never shows her children’s face on social media and now I get it.

So the thing that I am toying with is whether or not I continue blogging about my family and momlife or do i stop for the safety of my child.

I really don’t want to stop blogging though so do I continue but remove all pictures on him on my public account and take the approach of Joanne Strauss and keep his face out of things?

There is probably no right or wrong answer and each to their own but the world is just getting so dangerous and social media could be a hunting ground…

Stuck between a rock and a hard place – this is nothing to new to me but still I find myself with open-ended questions and what if’s.

I am proud of my son and I love to share his pictures! But I don’t want to feel like I am playing with fire because someone always get’s burnt.

i have worked so hard on this little space… and it’s starting to really feel like its taking off and becoming something. my heart would break to have to close it down but i would never be able to live with myself if the worst ever happened because of the things that I share on my platforms.

So really this is a blog post to try and process my thoughts because I asked my husband what he thought and he said “blog about it and see how you feel”. He may not win an award for #instahusband but he is always supportive of me.

I would love to hear opinions and views on the topic?

Can I blog successful and with the same authenticity if I keep my sons face hidden as I do now by sharing freely?

Am I being over paranoid?

Send words of encouragement and advise please????



Disney Mom aka not-sure-what-the-heck-to-do


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16 thoughts on “Is my child at risk because of my blog?

  1. My feeling is that risk is there every day…it’s not only feeling so much worse because of the blow up on social media. I have always been 100000000% paranoid even letting my daughter go into a seperate toilet cubicle, while I am standing outside that cubicle….since the day she was born…and subsequently with my boys. I always keep them close…. I just feel that…blog or not, if I am taking the precautions I always would, to keep them safe, the blog cannot touch them…so to speak. They are in schools that are very strict about security…my own husband..father of 2 kids at the school….was put out of the school once for entering the grounds before the bell had rung. We are barely allowed on the school premises except through reception. These things used to annoy me, but i know now that it’s in the best interest of my children and all the children there).
    There is no wrong or right….and I am just rambling. I post old pictures on my blog…not sure how I feel that makes a difference….lol. On my instagram I do show snippets of them….so I’m neither here nor there on this one.


    1. Yes Simone – I feel the exact same way about the public toilets – i feel that way about playing outside alone and not aloud out of my sight in the shops. i take as much precaution as possible – i dont want to paranoia of media to force me into hiding – cause then how am I living??? Thank you so much for your comment. xx

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  2. I have been very cautious with this…even to a point of putting my blog on hold – This is just the reality we have to face…and there are ways to work around the use of names and use of certain pics. I just always say rather be careful 😉 But I am giving myself advise now – don’t let it stop what you love ❤

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    1. Thats the thing – i dont want to stop doing what i love and sharing my pcitures and stories. I think i need to find peace with the middle ground that i choose and take it from there. Im trying not the tip the scale of over paraniod and fear stricted with too carefree and reckless. But i love my family and i love my blog and trying to find a fit that works. xx

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  3. Hi my friend… So I love reading your blogs as I often feel the same ways 🙂 You truly give me new insight 🙂 Thanks for that. okay so about being paranoid… uummm… i am so joining you in that big ass boat!!! All these stories about the kids being kidnapped and stuff has gotten me so shit scared. I have gone through my facebook, deleted all the friends that is not really my friend friends (If you know what I mean), blocked all my photos that the public can see and now I am wondering if I need to delete all my actual photos of my child just in case I maybe do get hacked or something. My facebook does not say where I work or live or where my child goes to school but its not that hard to figure out if you pay attention to the things we do and post. My little one goes to a school and when we enrolled they asked if we give them permission to post photos of our child’s activities and things, so obviously we said yes. but now I am thinking HELLLLL NOOOOOO!!!!! And to top it of the school page does not even ask why you want to join the page, anyone from anywhere can join and see all the photos and activities on the page, surely that is not how they are suppose to operate in today’s days. So to conclude…YES I AM ALSO FEELING PARANOID AND SHIT SCARED!! I dont want to do something that will cause my little one any harm now or in the future but surely we cant all live like this. They are making us prisoners in our own homes and lives. If you ever figure out how we can go about this please please let me know 🙂 I will even help you translate it to Afrikaans for your blogs 😉 hehe. lotsa love xoxo

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    1. Hi Friend, thank you so much. yes – it is scary and i think its great idea that you have done a social media clean on your private accounts – i am in the process of doing that as well. You are right – we cant live like this and so much wonderful feedback and advice has come from this post. I will not be shutting down my blog – but i will continue to take the precautions I have already enforced. Thanks for your comment and sharing your views with me xx


  4. I was feeling the same lately however I spoke to someone yesterday who put my mind at ease somewhat. She explained that these kidnappers want the easiest child to get and they will take whatever they can get. They want to make quick and easy money and they’re not going to to do that by stalking someone on social media or their blog, of which they might never be able to work out where the child actually is. So I think sticking to the precautionary methods you mentioned above will be good enough.

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  5. It is a very difficult one. My view however is that whether you share online or not, your child still goes out in public and safety is unfortunately not a guarantee whether in your own home or out there in the big world. It is a sad reality, but I am confident in my choices, our choices, to live out lives to the fullest and share our joys, smiles, anger and frustrations and will not live in a box of what if’s. Safety is a priority for me as is the freedom to be, and already freedom is restricted by children no longer being able to safely play in their own homes in some communities. Given the magnitude of this, it would seem that our freedom to share online, may very well be the safest way to connect and share in “experiences” with family and friends.

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    1. You make such valid points Chevonne and I am so grateful that you took the time to comment. This has made me look at it alittle differently. Online or not… the risks are there. by we are already so aware of the dangers in our homes, out in public, while driving that online should become another place that we become afraid of. Thank you !!


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