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Raising a Strong Willed Child

It’s not for the weary, you will probably question your parenting abilities numerous times. A strong-willed child is destined for greatness, their determination and sheer will, will get them through anything, and best of luck to anyone who tries to stop them (Good luck to us while raising them) The Irony of my strong-willed child…… Continue reading Raising a Strong Willed Child

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“The Monkey stole my bottle”

Shame, perhaps I was a #badmom by allowing the monkey to take the blame for the disappearing milk bottle. Every-time we see a monkey now, Connor shouts out “Naughty Monkey, Monkey took my bottle”, which means my poor child is still hung up on this bottle story. At the end of the video, you…… Continue reading “The Monkey stole my bottle”

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Why I changed my mind and bought another carseat

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I can’t stand to see children that aren’t strapped into a car seat or seat belt… I don’t care if you going down the road with your toddler standing on the front seat or if your “big” 10 year old is playing on the back seat and you…… Continue reading Why I changed my mind and bought another carseat


7 Things the baby books don’t tell you…

If you are like me, then you devoured the baby books while you were pregnant, trying to be as prepared as you possible can be, however there is nothing that truly prepares you for how your life changes the moment you become a parent. So, I have put together a few things that I didn’t find in…… Continue reading 7 Things the baby books don’t tell you…

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Dear Fellow Mom in the Supermarket

Thank you! Today when I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole, you were supportive, non-judgemental and helpful. You didn’t say a word, your actions spoke for you. My Connor bean hates the shops and to be brutally honest, I hate to go to the shops with my toddler. Firstly, he thinks…… Continue reading Dear Fellow Mom in the Supermarket