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The decision that turned my son’s health around

We have defintely had our fair share of antiobiotics when it comes to Connor.

So before I tell you the change we made, here’s a little history:



He was the healthiest little boy up until he turned about 13 months old. Then our problems started. Constant Ear and throat infections. Seeing different GP’s and Paeds.

Diagnosed with: Asthma, middle ear infection, possibly allergies, weak immune system, Sinus, etc. Each time a different story and different medication. Stronger antibiotics. Not once, in all the different doctors that saw him, did they advise me that the wax build up in my sons ear was problematic. Not once did they refer me to an ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat specialist)

Until one day I had had enough. And booked him an appointment with an ENT. There was only a few days between the time that I first saw the ENT to the time that Connor was lying on the operating table ready to have his Tonsils and Adenoids removed and Grommets put in. This was August 2015 and Connor was a mere 18 months old.

That’s how bad it was, the wax build up on his ear was starting to cause serious damage and if we had left it any longer, he could of been partly deaf in his left ear. All those doctors, all that medication and not once did someone pipe up to say “This ear is a major problem”. Instead I was giving my son an unnecessary asthma pump and mis-diagnosed antibiotics.

A year later we returned to the same threatre to have grommets put back in again.. The cycle continued. It was draining, medical aid never survived the year, Connor would have a cough that suck around for weeks and I was forever giving him some sort of syrup or spray. Desperately trying to boost his immune system with over the counter “well advertised” multi-vitamins that just never helped. Well they helped, but not in the way that was able to build up his immune system. It just kept the germs at bay for a month or 2 and then cycle continued. My fridge was packed with medication after medication. A spray for this and syrup for that. I should of had a sign printed that said “Welcome to my Pharmacy”

So the next ‘logicial’ thing was to have him tested for allergies. I lost years off my life that day. You can read about that traumatic experience  here  and here

This continued until last year, every couple of weeks getting sick, the ears seemed to under control but his sticky nose and post natal drip was where our problem was.

That is when I sought out a homeopath. It was the only thing I hadn’t tried and what did I have to lose?

Well….. I actually had everything to gain!

Dr Kym Belling, took such care in asking me tons of questions about Connor, his medical history, his birth and my pregnancy. Going right back to the start to work forward. I felt comfortable and not like the next rushed patient.

We started on a treatment course to boost his immune system straight away. She examined Connor thoroughly and worked her clicking magic on his little bod. She took time and we were treated like the only patient she had that day.

I left her rooms, with Vitamin C in hand and felt confident that we could get Connor right!

I was told that the homeopathic route takes longer to work then mainstream medicines but the benefits are long term. I found that the treatment of Vitamin C and immune boosters made a difference instantly. They do kick a punch on the sour scale but they work some serious magic.

Since the first day that I stepped into Dr Kym Belling’s rooms, I have not looked back. I contact her for any queries or questions I have, always topping up on my vitamin C and other immune boosters, mucus spray and nasal spray whenever it is needed. She always has time for me. As as moms we are often over pedantic with certain things. Dr Kym is a mom herself, so she knows all about it.

She is amazing! and comes highly recommended! I contacted her and asked her to share her philosophy with my readers to help provide alittle insight for moms thinking of taking the homeopathic route.

My philosophy as a Homeopath and Chiropractor is to allow the bodies own immunity to fight off as much as it can. Most of my treatment is aimed at boosting the patients own immune system so that it can be strong enough to fight most viruses or bacteria. Obviously there is times when allopathic medicine is required and I will refer to the Pediatrician or medical practitioner, but 90% of the cases I see can be treated alternatively with great success. 

Many allopathic medicines lower the bodies immunity by killing off all the bodies good bacteria, so a fair part of my treatment is replenishing those good bacteria and in turn boosting the immunity of the patient.

I have a passion for babies and children, I have my own two and I know how horrible it can be to see them ill, so I believe I do my utmost to treat them as quickly as possible.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those moms that say “My child NEVER gets sick”

Of course my child gets sick, it’s just we have been able to build up his immune system to the point where he has a fighting chance against the nasties. He is able to get over the flu quickly, it’s not as drastic and we have been antibiotic free for almost a year now. That’s a celebration in our house.

So if you have sickly ones at home, its definitely worth a trip to a homeopath and if you are in Durban, definitely give Dr Kym Belling a call!!










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