Journey to Motherhood: Featuring Luchae Williams

It’s been a while since I posted on this series! Not for any other reason except time!

Time ….There never seems enough of it. Enough to get everything done that we want to. But it is so precious and it usually takes something drastic to remind us.

Well I have been reminded. So on the blog today is Luchae, Mom of 4, who knows all about how precious time is. She shares her journey to Motherhood with us.

Have a read, it’s a goodie >>>>


Please introduce yourself and tell us how many kids you have?

I’m Luchae Williams of My Spreadsheet Brain and I am the proud owner – errr mother – of 4 beautiful kideos. My eldest, Kyle, will be 17 this year (gasp, I know, how dare he grow up so quickly! The audacity), my step son, Seth, will be 12 soon, my only girl, Karis, is 3 years old and my baby boy, Jonah, is the cutest of all my kids at the moment, at 8 months old. Yes, I’m allowed to say that. 

What do you do for a living? Whether Work outside the home, SAHM or WAHM?
I work in online advertising at one of the biggest newspapers in the Eastern Cape. It was my dream to be a stay at home mum… well, until maternity leave happened and I couldn’t wait to be around around other grown ups.
Did you dream of being a mother when you were a little girl?
Well, I became a mom when I was a little girl. (Okay, I’m exaggerating, I was 19) But before then… no, the thought barely crossed my mind! 

Motherhood is magical, how did your journey begin?
Well my entrance into the magical world of motherhood wasn’t as sparkly and fluffy. As I said, I was 19, and super duper not ready for it at all. I remember breastfeeding my baby, while sobbing uncontrollably… long tear drops falling on his little head, as I realize that my life is “over”. Well, it wasn’t over – as you can tell – but at that point I felt pretty hopeless. Thankfully God turns things around for our good, and after I had done some growing up (which happens rather quickly once one has someone else to look after), I realized what a blessing my first born is. I literally can’t imagine life without him. (Mainly because I’m old now, and I can’t think that far back). Seriously though, the kid shaped me and his presence in my life turned me into a pretty bad ass mamacita! (I can’t believe I just said “mamacita”) 
Did you experience any difficulties on your journey to Motherhood?
Well, all of the above. Kyle’s dad and I broke up a few years after he was born. As a young single mother, living on her own, trying to make ends meet (Such a classic sob story, right? I need a movie script like, pronto!) I guess I was faced with difficulties… but in the moment, it just felt like, well, life. You know? It wasn’t very “woe is me, my life sucks right now”. I guess I realized that I had made the proverbial bed and I needed to lie in it. Figuratively. 
Please share how you got through these times? (If applicable)
My support system rocked! I mean, my parents supported me, but they also pushed me out into deep waters… I had to figure out how to do it all on my own! It was the best thing they could have done.  I am extremely independent and I enjoyed making my own money and being able to look after us without asking for handouts. Kyles dad did what he could – he’s not a bad guy. But since he lives in another town, I always subconsciously pop my collar whenever I look at my kid and see how great he turned out. 
Explain the first moment you saw, held or heard your child? What changed inside of you?
The first time I saw him, I remember the instant relief one feels after giving birth naturally. (Moms who made it through contractions without ripping a nurses head off – hollar!) I looked at this bundle of baby-meets-goo and I thought “Oh my gosh, that’s my baby! I have a baby now!” You guys, 3 babies later, and that first moment is still the BEST thing in the world!

What do you remember the most from those very early weeks, as a new mother?
Well, mainly the whole crying long tear drops on his little head part. But I also remember what a great daddy his dad was. He was very attentive and super inlove with his little boy. I also remember that I was so thankful to finally have big boobs. (Breastfeeding moms – hollar!)
What is your favourite part of being a mom?
Everything. I love that they are MINE. God entrusted me with their lives and I get to watch them grow up into really amazing adults. (That’s me being hopeful). 

Do you have a pet name for your child?
Kyle is Kilo (His initials are KG and at school they called him Kilogram. When he came home to tell us this, we just laughed and laughed and laughed.)
Seth is Sethy
Karis is Karicurls, due to her mop of curls.
Jonah is Jojo
Since becoming a mother, has your view of your own parents changed?
Well, my mom had me when she was 19 too. Much of my story is reminiscent of hers. But in general, I do think that their view of me has changed more than the other way around. Mainly because I went from being a silly shy school girl to a – well – bad ass mamacita (oops I did it again) in a matter of months. 

What is your advice to new moms starting out their journey of motherhood?
Take it all in. Every single moment. Every late night drill and every snotty nose. You can clean the house when they leave home for college. But in every moment ENJOY your children!
If you would like to follow more of Luchae’s journey (I know you do), you can find her here >>>>
Thank you Luchae, for sharing your journey with us! What a wonderful testimony to the power of GOD and that love conquers all.

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