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Budget Family Outings: Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve | Durban

With the mad rush of life, it’s so important to make time for quality over quantity.

So as a family, we have made a pact, that we will visit all that Durban has to offer, well all those lovely gems that don’t break the bank of course.

I’m talking BUDGET family outings. Can I get a whoop whoop!


A while ago we had a picnic at Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve in Yellowwood Park. The reserve got its name from Kenneth Stainbank, you inherited the farm when his parents passed way. His love of nature resulted in him selling 3 pieces of the land to the government to turn into a nature reserve and it was officially opened in 1963 to the public.

It’s a decent R40 per person and R20 for kids. If you make a day of it, by either braai’ing or enjoying the nature walks, it’s totally worth it.

For the exercise fanatics, there are exciting nature walks and if you prefer 2 wheels there is a mountain bike trail as well to enjoy. But if you are like me, who is most comfortable in 4 wheels, you can also drive around the reserve, taking in all it’s beauty and bugs. It even has special needs trail, which I think is amazing, and there are even provisions for the deaf and blind. Everyone should be able to enjoy what nature has to offer.


The Reserve is centred around a beautiful hidden treasure, the Coedmore Castle. The Stone Castle was built-in 1885 by Dering Stainbank. Many moons ago. Its said to have some of the original household content, seems true from what we could see through the windows. It is a little airy.


If you are lucky, you will catch a glimpse of the Buck and Zebra that roam freely on the grounds. The reserve makes for great bird-watching too, if that is your thing.


Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve is a 253 hectare protected area in the suburb of Yellowwood ParkDurbanSouth Africa. The park was proclaimed in 1963, after land was donated by Mr Kenneth Stainbank for its purpose. The reserve is managed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

Source – Wikipedia


The most popular of the nature reserve is sure to be the designated Braai area’s which are spaciously set out to allow enough privacy for family get-together’s or birthday bash.

The best part, I rate, is having the kids out in the ‘wilderness’, breathing in the fresh air and getting those toes dirty.

We unfortunately thought we were clever and picnic’d away from the braai area, in front of the castle on the lush green grass. The only down fall is that’s were the ticks hang out during the day. LOL.

So when you get home, do take pre-caution and check all your nicks and crannies for little tics or just have a bath with some baby oil – that s rumoured to help remove any foreign creatures. Last thing we wanted was one of us to get tic-bite-fever.

I guess it’s all part of the package of the great outdoors.

Just look at the delight on his face! Not sure if it’s from the castle or the chicken nugget?!

Pro-Tip – Take some bug spray. You can thank me later.

With Love,



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