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I’m Coming Home ~ Durban Bound

There is something joyful and stressful in that statement, but its true. I’m coming home, as in returning to Durban after 2+ years in the dry and dusty lands of Ashburton, PMB. (Truth be told, this post has been in my drafts folder for over a month, I’m already settled in Durban) This has been…… Continue reading I’m Coming Home ~ Durban Bound

The disease of addiction

Recovery first, is harder than I imagined!

They recommend that addicts should’t have relationships for the first 1 year of recovery.  I thought that didn’t apply to the people who were already married or in a serious relationship. Harsh realization for me though, is that the recovering addict is not capable of dealing with all the expectations and emotional requirements that a marriage/ relationship involves.…… Continue reading Recovery first, is harder than I imagined!