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10 things I want my husband to know

So it’s the month of looooove, but let’s face it, if you are in a long-term relationship or  married, every month could pass as the month of love. Or at least we want it to (or maybe thats just me… I don’t know)

My husband and I have been together for 10 years this May, that’s a lot of months of loving each other, being a part from each other, sometimes hating each other, but we always make it out the other end.

So in light of that, I decided to share 10 things I want my husband to know, slightly comical but basically the truth.


So here goes…

1. When I say I’m fine. Just leave me be. You know I’m not but I will tell you what’s wrong when I’m good and ready. Don’t badger me.

2. If I say ‘ you can do it if you feel like it’ I actually mean…. Please do it for me and do it properly.

3. I feel real rage unexplained emotion when I’m PMSing. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Just take one for the team and let me deal with it.

4. When I ask you how I look …. Please take note and say something nice (unless I look really awful then hit me with the truth) But I’m usually asking because I want your opinion and for you to like what I’m wearing. Take notice dammit.

5. There is nothing sexier than doing the dishes without being asked. However im extremely thankful that you are so domesticated. Washing curtains is sooooo attractive.

6. I need be reminded that you still love me, I know you do but I sometimes seek that confirmation…. even when I am tired and PMSing, even when my jeans are too tight and I’m complaining about my weight, even when my motherhood left me with a kangaroo pouch, even when my stretch marks are faded but still visible. Remind me that I’m still sexy to you.

7.  Now that we married, I want you to know that I actually still like dating you – don’t forget that.

8. Your kisses and words mean everything to me! Sometimes I need a little more than a kiss before and after work.

9. You make me proud every single day. With your God-fearing approach to life and the way you were able to crawl out the gutter and begin living the life that was intended for you.

10. I really do love you and I’m sorry for being such a dragon sometimes. You are amazing!!


If my ramblings resonates with you, please do share this with your girl friends or maybe just casually drop the link to your significant other?!

Let me know in the comments that I’m not alone…

With Love,


***Photo was taken at our Church Summit! Anthem Church!



13 thoughts on “10 things I want my husband to know

  1. It’s so good to tell him what you need from him. I think women (including me) sometimes feel that men should just know. They don’t. Tell them in a kind, respectful way what you need and, most times, they’ll seriously come to the party. I also think, though, that even more important is to see the good that they do and acknowledge it. Sometimes, we’re so focused on OUR needs and OUR wants, that we can’t hear THEIR love language. Maybe we’re so focused on them not saying the words “I love you” that we don’t notice him washing our car after work. I’m just using that as an example. I’m sure he’ll really appreciate your post 😉


    1. Oh most definitely. And I did share this post with him before I published but shared it with followers because I’m sure I’m not alone on these feelings. Your advice is great and it’s so important to know each others love language. Thank you for reading and commenting. X

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  2. I love this! Especially the part about, feeling “real rage/unexplained emotion” PMS!! I feel your pain! Men do not understand… and so often want to “fix” what is wrong. It is hard for a man to “fix” the problem, when we aren’t even sure where the anger is coming from! Thank you for sharing!

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