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The advantages of your toddlers toys

When you face to face with danger , oops I mean a toddler, you might be feeling at your wits ends? Has it been a long day? Have the tantrums gone on for what feels like forever?

I hear you, I’ve been there and here’s what I did…

I thought outside the box and more specifically, outside of the TV box. Haha.

We live in a day and age where movies, tablets and cellphones all play a big part in how we raise our kids. Each to their own but I’m all about that moderation. Your children and your rules but in our home, we try to give a balanced life. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t but hey! Who said parenting was going to be easy?


It was past bedtime for our Connor Bean (again!) and he was refusing to go and have his bedtime pee… Now he has been potty trained for ages but it’s not unusual for him to completely ignore anything I say. He is strong-willed like that.

Anyway, after already going through the begging, bribing, negotiating and giving choices, I decided to take a different approach. So I gathered up his figurines and pretended to go and take them to wee and wash their hands.

Well it was a brilliant hit and my son thought this was absolutely hilarious. But afterwards he got up and went for his wee, washed his hands and jumped into bed without another whine…

Parents – 1 | Child – 1000

Boom! (At least I got onto the scoreboard)

Sometimes we over think things, or the moment can be so frustrating that we can’t actually see past the defiant little stand that our kids need to make in order to learn.

This little charade was all possible because we were recently gifted with the Optimus Prime from theΒ Transformers: The Last Knight ProductΒ RangeΒ brought to you by Hasbro


There was much excitement in our house as a new figurine joined the team. The best part is watching his little imagination run wild.

Can you spot Optimus Prime?

At 3 years old, the imagination can really take off… slowly ‘pretend play’ becomes more frequent. Lego’s turn into planes, couch cushions are hot lava and the concept of a tent or fort is no longer foreign. This is the perfect time to introduce toys from their favourite movies and allow them to recreate the scenes on their own.

A great thing about this range of Transformers is they are easy to transform between Autobot and truck and are very durable. Perfect for boisterous little boys (or girls) that love to play wild!

Another great thing about a Transformer (or any figurine) is they can help instill the difference between good and bad in our children. There are certain teams to follow in the ‘super hero’ movies. This helps our kids decide which teams they prefer as well learning which are good and which aren’t. Who doesn’t love a superhero?



Is your kid a Transformer fan? The time has come for you to pledge your allegiance and choose your faction! Β #teamautobot or #teamdeception

You can help your kids get involved by signing up on

So in my home, moderation is key, there are things that can be taught to our kids from certain shows or programs, but then also getting on the floor with them and engaging in their imagination first hand is just as educational (and also one of the wonderful joys of being a parent)


How do you feel about screen time and action figures?


Have you seen the latest Transformers: The Last Knight?Β It was ranked number 1 at the Box-office in South Africa during opening week. What did you think of it?

Yours in action figures.



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