Getting to know the Mom behind the blog

Its my birthday week/month, and because I totally forgot to write a celebratory post for reaching my 1st Blogversary, 3 months ago (Shhh… its still in my drafts) So, I decide to do a 25 things you might not know about me post!












  1. I  love popcorn. I can literally eat it every night (and I might actually do it)
  2. I cant sneeze quietly. its loud and sometimes inappropriate
  3. I have unlimited amount of road rage
  4. My favourite colour is purple
  5. I could drink a cappuccino every day or night
  6. I’m a comfort eater
  7. My clothes cupboard is generally a mess
  8. I cry alot. whether I’m happy or sad… I’m gonna cry
  9. I’m stubborn
  10. I enjoy cooking and baking
  11. I could eat pasta every day of the week
  12. My favourite desert is…. sorry – to many to choose from
  13. My favorite all time movie is dirty dancing.
  14. I love to watch sad sobby movies when im sad, so i can cry more (it’s alittle depressing actually)
  15. i a huge Disney fan (hahaha- okay so you probably knew this one)
  16. My hair is neither curly or straight but rather an awful frizzy mixture right in between
  17. I hate bugs and crawlers and geckos
  18. I’m hectically sentimental
  19. I’m alittle bit of a hoarder
  20. I enjoy crafts and stuff, but never find the time to do it anymore
  21. I have a real desire to loose weight but really love food alot
  22. I’ve only ever been to JHB, Cape Town and Durban
  23. I’m a terrible dancer
  24. I can be a real moody cow (hahahahaha)
  25. My face is a dead give away… you can tell exactly how im feeling by the look on my face… its not always helpful.


So there is alot more to me than this list but its a start. Truth is, I’m still figuring it out as I go along. We change, we grow and we learn. I am not the same person i was 5 years ago and i certainly hope I continue to grow and change in the next 5 years.

IMG_20170711_104745images (56)

Thanks for reading!



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