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Small act of kindness by a 3 year old


My 3-year-old has recently learnt the concept of money (Sort of!) and now requires some as soon as he sees it. Like…….

At the toll gate, and then refuses to give the money back to pay to get through

At the ATM, he wants to take the money out the machine or put the cards in

At the till, he wants to enter the pin code or hand over the money.

But the most important for Connor bean is tipping the car guard.

I didn’t give my thought to it when he first asked to give the money, and it’s now sort of become a routine and I am so taken back by how much it means to the men and woman who stand out in the sun, the whole day, protecting strangers cars.

A little act of a smiling toddler, makes the little R2 tip some much better. It spreads a little happiness their way.




We haven’t had one car guard that didn’t have a massive smile of their face when they received the change from our Connor Bean.

HOWEVER, hell hath no fury, like a parent that has no coins to give their toddler, to tip the car guard with. We haven’t had coins a couple of times and Connor bean can get hellishly upset about it! Screaming match galore.

I would like to think, that this little act of kindness can grow and instill a trait in our son which is one of generosity and compassion. Kindness comes in all forms and sizes.

A little act from our boy, can create a butterfly effect of kindness through someones whole day.

I know, myself, I’m a little hot-headed and can get irritated for the slightest thing, especially on the road. The smiles that are created by a little tip from a 3-year-old, are enough to remind ourselves to…

Slow down and smell the roses….

Be Humble

Be Thankful

Be Kind

What do you do with your kids, to help encourage kindness and generosity? I would love to hear back from you on this topic, which I feel is so important for our kids’ generation.




10 thoughts on “Small act of kindness by a 3 year old

    1. Their personality really starts to shine through. Our little one is forever making us ‘coffee’ and then says ‘careful, it’s hot’. Your little one sounds so sweet. Thanks for sharing.


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