From One Mother to Another #mothersdayconnect   

Today, on Mother’s Day, a day that was created to celebrate mothers everywhere, I celebrated Motherhood.

Today I wasn’t spoilt with ‘normal’ gifts, sweets and pampering. Today I was showered with gratitude, humbling experiences, and love.

Today, I spent 1 hour with new Moms, at Addington Hospital (Durban South Africa) as part of #Mothersdayconnect Movement which was started by Cape Town Embrace. What started out as a WhatsApp group of strangers ended as a sisterhood of mothers and friends.



These new mothers; some young, some old, some coming from dire situations and others more manageable. They have all recently given birth and their emotions haven’t quite settled back on earth yet. We rejoiced in their miracles and asked the question “How are you doing” (This tends to go unnoticed once baby is born)


It was being a super crazy week, the number of messages that were being sent and received on my phone, was overwhelming to say the least. One minute I signed up online and the next I was Co-leading the team to Addington Hospital!


And what a privilege, the last time I was at Addington Hospital, was almost 25 years ago when I was born. Walking through the Maternity wards today was surreal. How wonderful is it that I could return today and share in motherhood with new moms? Share in their beautiful children and extend a hand of support and love. Love for a stranger might sound a little crazy but it’s the love of motherhood.

Imagine 50+ gift bags, tons of donations, 20+ woman and a tiny coffee shop! Yes, it was like a scene out of “Baby Black Friday”. Woman were arriving and diving in where needed, there was no hesitation or concern. For that 1 hour, it was although we weren’t strangers at all. It was as if we had all known each other for years. At one point, I was asked “So, what is happening” and I said, “I have no idea (ha-ha)”. That’s how super crazy and amazing it was. We finished minutes before being called up and gathered up our bags and prepared our hearts emotionally while on the way to the wards.


This is where I team split into 2 – Majority went to Post-natal (37 Beds) and 6 of us braved the Neonatal and Kangaroo Care ward. Most of these babies were so tiny, some had a rough start to life, others are just shaking off a bit of jaundice, whatever the case is, these new mothers are by their side. There was an abundance of boys in the ward and only 2 little girls. They were such beautiful babies and my heart was so overwhelmed, Thanking the Lord for my healthy son and Thanking Him for this opportunity.


I made an Instant connection with a Young Mom, Nonkulunga (Lunga for short) She had pre-eclampsia and had to have an emergency C-section at 24 weeks. By the grace of god her boy is doing fine and his name is Lwazi, meaning knowledge. He is such a strong fighting and even pressed his hand up to the side of the incubator as if to say, ‘Thank you’. I asked Lunga how she is coping as Lwazi is her first born. She said she must be strong for her boy! It reminded me of the strength that we have as mothers, we are powerhouses and we don’t give ourselves enough credit for it. I took her number and will be checking up on her and her little fighter. Tomorrow marks 1 month that they have been in NICU.

Lunga, thanked me so many times. Thanked me for the gifts, for having someone to talk to, and for giving up time with my son to spend time with strangers. My few minutes with Lunga made everything worth it.

It was a privilege to watch our teams share experiences and hope with the new moms, I was proud to a mom and even prouder to be involved in this movement.


The sacrifice of these women made is inspiring, I am inspired to do more things, to give more, to support more and to encourage more.

So, thank you to everyone in our who organised, donated, purchased, carried, packed, ran in the rain, found babysitters, supported, hugged, and loved. You are all amazing and so proud to say I have gained new friends. This was all possible because of team work.

Next year better be ready for us!

Edited: I forgot to add that all the additional donated clothes we received were re-distributed amongst these wonderful moms and will be received by local baby houses and Child care organisations. how wonderful is it that we were not only able to bless the new moms at Addington Hospital but also so many other babies and kids that need it.

I’m humbled, I’m grateful and my heart is overwhelmed with emotions I can’t explain.





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