Imaginative play is fun for the whole family

One of my favourite parts of this stage in Connors development (the upside to tantrums) is the imagination that has sparked!


I love when we pretends to use is bubble stick as a bow n arrow and sticks it into the back of his shirt.

Or uses the skipping rope as a fishing rod while standing on his bed.

My favourite though, is when he is “cookie cooking”, using his plastic kitchen.

I was worried, when I bought Connor his play play kitchen for Christmas, that I was going to receive backlash as its considered a ‘girls toy’. Im so glad I didnt though, but I was ready for them.

I don’t understand this concept of boys only play with cars and girls with dolls. If my son wanted a baby doll, then thats what he would get. Why cant our kids just be allowed to be kids and play with the toys they choose. It’s okay for boys to be sensitive and compassionate and girls to be strong and independent or vice a versus.

Anyway, back to our fun as a family, the weekend before last, we broke out they play-dough and what started as just rolling and creating shapes, turned in a buffet of inedible but extremely cute looking mini foods, that were whipped up my Connor bean (with our help of course)


Pancakes and cherries
Such concentration
Connor Bean 
Cake & Cupcakes
Little chef preparing


It was such great fun and really reminded me that the little things matter the most. We could of easily all sat and watched a cartoon together (he would probably chosen one that we have seen a hundred times) but instead we spent time laughing and creating little food models.

Imaginative play is fun for the whole family!



As you can tell, he is wearing his granny shirt, this is because we started off with painting first but that didn’t last long when the play-dough was spotted.

So my boy was wearing a play-dough bangle, a shirt that looked like a dress, while cooking up a storm in his play play kitchen and we were totally cool with it! Let them be little and let them be kids!

Embrace your children, embrace your mommy style and embrace your life!


I love seeing Connor’s little imagination blossom, makes me so proud as a mom. It shows how they understand certain concepts and does wonders for their development. It strengthens a variety of abilities like memory and attention, it also allows them to learn and understand different scenarios and perspectives

Make believe play is also important for the development of cognitive and social skills.

Cognitive development is the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.

This age (threenager) is very independent, they like to do things for themselves and if your child is like mine, he refuses help on certain tasks and then gets frustrated when he can’t do it. (This momma gets frustrated too!)

Lets try to encourage it as much as possible, the more they do, the more they learn and understand.

Play-dough on its own is a great ‘toy’ for kids; its therapeutic to play with as adults, so it has the same affect on our kids, it also helps relieve stress and is a great distraction from the hustle and bustle of the tech generation.


We are still using our Push n Pull putty from Acorn-kids, but if you are looking to make your own; check out my pinterest – I have shared a few easy and quick recipes for homemade (and safe) play-dough, that can be whipped up in minutes.


I would love to hear what your family gets up too? How do you promote imaginative play in your home? All and any idea’s are welcome!





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