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Why I loved being Pregnant

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Aren’t pregnant ladies just radiant?

It’s such a miracle to grow a life inside of you; and although I literally had heartburn every day for 6 months, even if I drank a glass of water, I had heartburn… very few things top it (holding my baby is one of them)


Here are a few things that I loved about my bump: –

loved the fact that I was never truly alone, even if I was by myself, there was always a little human behind my belly button that was soothed by the sound of my beating heart and I was soothed by his “little” kicks.

loved when people touched my belly and admired the life inside of it. I know it sounds crazy because so many woman get offended by strangers touching their bellies in public, but I’m secretly one of those women that want to touch every pregnant belly I see. I don’t obviously, that would be a little creepy.

loved the build-up and anticipation to every scan and check-up, to his development and try and catch a glimpse of his little face. Wondering who he would look like and what colour would his eyes be (I prayed for blue and I got it :)). Even as a tiny little baby, they have a mind and a heart and a soul. Their genetic makeup is there; they are part of you and part of their dad and formed together to make a perfect little bundle of never-ending joy

loved the attention, sounds vain, but I worked right up until days before my due date, so while I was still doing deliveries and meeting clients, and I was shown a different side to people. They are so willing to help a woman that is shaped like a whale and is not shining with the pregnancy glow. There are so many caring people in the world, we just don’t look hard enough. Enjoy the attention because once baby is born, they are the main focus of everyone’s conversation, every message and every visit. You won’t mind so much because you will secretly content with your perfect little baby.

loved the waddle, that waddle can be seen a mile away and is a giveaway for pregnant woman all around the world. It’s a trademark. Just embrace it.

And if I am truly honest, I miss it so much.

I feel like the first time you are pregnant you don’t soak it in as much you should. It’s exciting and enjoyable (for the most part) but I didn’t soak it, my mind was always on the end goal, holding my baby that I don’t think I appreciated the beauty of it.

And here’s where I get personal, every time I see a pregnant woman or a new-born baby, my womb cries out in pain (not literally as that’s impossible) but it’s an emotional pain that is linked directly to my heart.

Those closest to me know that I would love to have another child, to experience the miracle of life again, this time soaking up every bit of the blessing upon me. But to fall pregnant now would be a selfish act on my part. There are things that need to be done and life that needs mending before another miracle joins my circle of love.

But for today and many days to come, I will reminisce in the beauty of carrying a child, I will hold my not so little 3-year-old a little longer and forever thank the lord for blessing me with the greatest title in the word





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