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Welcome to stage “Threenager”

You have arrived at the wonderful ‘three’s’, you may not pass begin, you may not collect reinforcements.

Prepare yourselves ahead of time… dye your hair grey!

Okay, so I may be over-exaggerating. Maybe not though?


When your newborn reaches the first big milestones. they tell you… “just wait until the twos”. Then you get to the terrible twos and you can’t imagine that a tantrum over the wrong color cup could get worse… except your 3-year-old is still complaining about the color of the cup BUT he is verbally explaining to you everything that is wrong with the cup and that he didn’t want juice in there…. all while crocodile tears are streaming down his face and the shrieks from his over pitched voice are echoing through the whole block of flats.

Thank you, you’re welcome!


Here are a few things that I have experienced so far (and my son has only been three for a short period)

Wish me luck!

Stage 3 Changes

  • They want to do everything themselves, which results in 15 minutes loo breaks and 45 minutes to eat breakfast. Also expect tantrums while they do it.
  • They learn how to manipulate others to get what they want. They also learn to ask another point of authority if the first one says NO (and they whisper the question)
  • They are fully potty trained and can make you run for a loo faster than you can scream “hold it in” (Through a busy mall)
  • They are full blow sponges, and just absorb everything around them… then they use it against you.
  • They start another food strike… this time consisting of apples, chips and yoghurt (but yet they eat like champs at school….. why is that?)
  • Everything and anything is an argument and a struggle…
  • They want to pick out their own clothes, which results in wearing gumboots and a beanie to school in the middle of summer
  • Bathing every night is torture, its amazing how the meaning of insanity plays over and over in my head while my son scream the house down for 15 minutes straight while bathing. Its mind-blowing, because he used to love his baths… what went wrong? oh yes, he turned 3! He wash Connors hair once a week and it sounds like we are murdering the child…. I’m waiting for the neighbors to knock on the door and ask if the child is okay? I will say “yes, but save me please!” Hahaha – just joking
  • And lastly, they know they are cute… so they use it to their full advantage.



Throwing himself on the floor while having a full-blown tantrum is a usual thing!

So, yes, I’m going to need a trip to the hairdresser soon

And I might need to be tested for insanity.

There is so much attitude in such a little body (psst! I don’t know where he gets it from…. hides eyes)

But one thing is for sure, although my hair is falling out and I might try to put the frozen food away in grocery cupboard, my heart is oh so full.

Full with love.

I may joke about the tough times ahead and want to peel my face off in frustration; because Connor is throwing yet another tantrum, in the road, when we are late to school and I’m half dragging him to the car and the bystanders are looking at me like I’m kidnapping the child, I know I am extremely blessed.

Blessed to be a mother and blessed to have my boy.

I hope you had a good laugh (at my expense – hahaha) and if you are at the same stage as me, please share some encouraging tips?










19 thoughts on “Welcome to stage “Threenager”

  1. Hahahahaha! I am right there with you! My daughter just turned three a week ago and now it’s not so much the tantruming, but the arguing. I have had the exact same juice cup debate with my toddler and then I realize, “I have just spent five minutes arguing with a toddler about a cup.”

    My tip is to get them involved with the behavior plan. Explain exactly what the desired behavior looks like, sounds like, feels like and then have a list of rewards that he has chosen…like getting to drink out of the cup, playing a game, or receiving a particular toy/sticker. They are yearning for independence, so getting them involved in their own behavior choices really works!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I went over to check your blog and WOW! Your blog is amazing and your stories are filled with so much hope and joy! You have inspired me and sparked a desire for where I want my blog to be. Of course, all the disney related stories are right up my alley. LOL. Thanks for sharing such amazing and personal life experiences. Following with excitement

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The “just waits…” always bothered me! Just wait until 2…just wait until 3… I was shocked to find that I loved age 2, and age 3 was my absolute fave with both kids. Four with my daughter, on the other hand, has proven to be a challenge. 😉 There are wonderful – and challenging – aspects to each age!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I found that it often made the time go even faster than it goes. Ina blink of an eye, our babies grow up. Maybe its the different boys and girls? I have a few friends that have little girls that haven’t been nearly as challenging as my little bean. But all challenges aside, i agree with you in that every stage has wonderful aspects. These little humans really are such miracles 🙂


  3. Before even reading, that first pic of your threenager telling you to speak to the hand gave me such giggle! 😀
    Mine wasn’t much of a tantrum thrower, but I remember three and a half was when she decided she’d no longer have her daytime nap – aaaaarrrgghhh!!! She used to have the most glorious, long naps, and I had time to get things done. She was like, that’s not happening anymore mom! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. At first I couldn’t believe he turned at the right moment as I snapped the shop… I was desperately trying to get a decent photo of him which is impossible at the moment… I’m thankful he still has naps but I can see it’s slowly heading out the window as weekends are becoming a 5 minute wink and then go go go again. Thanks for your comment x

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