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Your birthday is my favourite day

Happy 3rd Birthday to my ‘not so little baby’, Connor Bean!

You’re one in a MINION

Let me just say that I look forward to your special day with such excitement. It really is my most favourite day. The day has so much significant meaning, but most importantly… it’s the day I held you in my arms for the first time.

On this day, Β 3 years ago, I walked into that hospital a nervous wreck. I had been waiting so long to hold you and kiss you that I was frighten of something going wrong. You didn’t quite come into this world they way I expected or planned but the moment you let out that first cry… was the moment my life changed forever, and it changed for the better.



You were everything I had imagined and more, I couldn’t stop staring at you… I didn’t care what was going on around, I only cared that I had you.

On this day I became a mother, it was like a calling inside of me had been answered, I was home, I was whole and it was all because I had you.

There’s no denying that it has been tough, and it not about to get any easier as you grow and learn new things, especially when you point your little finger and try to reprimand me back.

I’m still completely and utterly grateful that you call me, Mom.

Today, you were just the sweetest. I came to your school for your little class party. I saw you with your friends and I gleamed with pride. You are MINE! You melted my heart when you had to show every teacher and little friend that I am YOUR MOMMY! You shouted it on the top of your voice, again I gleamed with pride

I chatted with your teacher and was reassured that you are happy and settled and I have made the right choices for you.

We then came home, snuggled and ate junk food (Diet who?) It was a little special time for us, Its moment like these that I cherish close to my heart.

You have grown so much and at times I cant help but laugh at your cheeky little nature… The way you roll your eyes and figured out how to sulk… it drives me nuts but it’s also a reminder that you are a part of me… and so often I can see myself and your daddy in the things you do. It’s a wonder and a miracle and you are such a treasure. My Treasure!


Hopefully one day, when you are grown up and no longer want your mothers kisses in public, you will read these blogs and it will be a wonderful reminder that even on the hardest days, you are my world and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.

Thank you for being so stubborn, because I thoroughly enjoy arguing with a miniature version of myself.

Your birthday is my favourite day, it’s the day I found my place in the world, the day I realized the true meaning of unconditional love, the day I kissed your little toes and held your close, breathing in your sweet little scent.


Thank you for being YOU, thank you for being MINE.

I hope you had a great day and enjoy all your treats, tomorrow its back to routine but for today, its your day and partly its my day…hey, its our day!

Happy Birthday my precious boy

I love you more than words can say, pictures can share and kisses can show!

Sharing his cupcake with the world!

P.S. Please wake up from your nap so we can play with your new puzzles! ha-ha




6 thoughts on “Your birthday is my favourite day

    1. Thank you so much for your comment 😁 I’m so guilty of that…I will ramble onto my son and all I get back is ‘huh’ and a blank expression. Haha never a dull moment.


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