What do woman want on Valentines Day?

Firstly, when I say woman, it doesn’t necessary mean all as this is a personal post, but I’m certain I not the only one that feels this way.

Secondly, I fully agree that Valentines day is money making scheme. Everything is marked up and over-priced. Argh!


But deep down, woman love valentines day because it’s the day that says ‘you deserved to be spoilt’. The problem is that many of left disappointed for unrealistic expectations. Men just aren’t wired like woman are.

Its true that we should tell our loved ones everyday, just how much they are loved and spoil them not because a day tells us to, but because we want to do. Sadly, with work, kids and life… those days aren’t always possible. So when the 14th of February come along, woman wait in anticipation of just how much effort their spouses are going to to, to show them how much they are loved.

The thing is, effort is worth more than any over sized teddy bear (although they are super cute) and bunch of roses. Thoughtfulness is worth more than the amount of gifts received or the cost attached.


Effort takes so much time, then running to the store at the last minute to grab anything cute that is covered in hearts.  Have you ever been into the shops on the morning of valentines day? Its like a male scramble for a last minute gift…

The amount of thought required to make your wife / girlfriend / fiancé feel special is not a lot, but it requires reflection and dedication.

Every girl dreams and hopes that they are good enough to be made to, feel like the most important girl in the world. Some men get it so right, but others do not see it as an important part of a relationship. However, woman are emotional beings, everything we say or do, it based on the emotional factor.

All it takes is a little thought, a little effort and a lot of love.

But to keep this post from being completely biased, I took to a popular moms facebook group and asked a few ladies what they wanted for valentines day or what the day meant to them? And here’s what they had to say: –

Tammy Van Vuuren

I believe Valentines Day is so overrated and even though its a day to celebrate your love for one another I don’t believe in buying all these expensive gifts and jewelry to prove one another’s love. Id much prefer a cup of coffee in bed and a flower picked out my garden than an expensive gift. Its the thought that counts and believe everyday should be a day where we prove and show our love

Shanita Correia

“Because everything is so ridiculously priced, i usually buy something small like a chocolate or keyring and put it into my hubby and kiddies lunch bags😉 as a rule we never go out for dinner on valentines day…usually “ok” food but crappy service due to overcrowded restaurants. Hubby has bought me flowers the day before which was totally unexpected but its the thought that counts at the end of the day. This year im thinking of making pizzas at home instead of the usual dinners for hubby and the kids😉 I would love a spa day … one day but for now its about spoiling hubby and the kids with something small on the day😃”

Aneke D Roux

“I never expect anything on Valentine’s Day. For me it is very confusing. We are supposed to love and celebrate each other every day. Not just on this one day. There is nothing special about this day for me. I try to do special things for hubby (and so does he) whenever I can throughout the year. I just cant get my head around the fact that some women freak out when they get nothing, or not what they asked for. It’s not about material things. Instead of fighting with hubby because he bought the wrong chocolates, give him a hug and tell him you love him. Not just on V-Day, but everyday…❤”

Tarrin Lee Nel

“Hmm. It’s not a day we give terrible thought and focus on. It depends on the finances and moods that year. Sometimes I will want to surprise him with a biltong Bouquet or some home made vouchers for couple time bonding such as PlayStation or massage or a home cooked meal and candle lit picnic on the lounge floor. Sometimes I will throw myself into making it special for our son. Sometimes I am just too busy and I barely notice the day. Sometimes the gesture takes him and I get treated. But Im not a person to value gifts or fancy meals out as much as a good time so I would most appreciate some special or fun time planned by hubby with or without kids. And if he doesn’t buy me a gift I’m still secure because he showers me with flowers and romantic gestures all year round”

Angel-Ina Robbertse

“Here’s what i would like, because we have never really celebrated valentine’s day. Im always the one buying gifts. So this year i would like to be spoilt. I want to go out on a date, to a fancy restaurant, and i want to get flowers, i want to dress up and get appreciate for my efforts. I want time alone with my partner and i want a small piece of jewellery that i can cherish. People say its over rated and that might be true but the effort that goes into planning a nice romantic evening shows love, and its hard to get time to do so in our hectic lives nowadays. Its nice to have one day where the only focus is on the one you love”

Natalia Giannoccaro

“Valentine’s day is just another money making day. You should love your partner throughout the year and I don’t see the reason to get spoils 1 day a year.”



What do you want for valentines day and what does the day mean for you? I would love to hear your feedback?



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