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On your 21st birthday


Today would have been your 21st birthday, it would have been a wonderful milestone that we would have celebrated all together, I’m certain you would have be such a dashing young man.. as are your brothers (They got all the good genes… hahaha)

I cant help but feel down when I think of you, a life you never got to have. A soul taken way to soon and you left a great big hole in our hearts.

You were amazing, even at a tender age of 2… so caring and compassionate, especially for your little brother. You took Shane under your wing and that’s where he stayed until the fatal day occurred and our life’s left shattered.


You used to climb through the burglar guards in your room, and sit outside on the grass… the one day you dragged Shane through those same burglar guards as well (a mere baby) and that’s where you both stayed.

It’s hard to think back on memories as I was only about 6 at the time, I often wonder how much is actually memory and how much it a version of what people have spoken about. One thing I know, is your were real and I loved you dearly. You were like my baby. I dotted on you and loved every minute.

The Christmas that you left it was dark, like Β black cloud of sadness hang over our house. I will always wonder why GOD had to call you back so soon, it had to have been really important because you were destined for such great things.

You can read more about Mitchell’s storyΒ here

I think of you always, but I try my best to reminisce in all that you were as a toddler on your special day of birth.

I miss you dearly and wish I could spend time with you, I wish I could see you all grown up, I wish you were still here.

Keep watching over us and celebrate the big 21 in heaven with the angels.

Happy Birthday Mitchie!

We will always love you!



2 thoughts on “On your 21st birthday

  1. Nice memorial… big sister. I am sorry for your loss. Witnessing children pass is always difficult for me to understand. Despite my lack of understanding, I truly believe that Jesus finds a way to make it up to those who suffer and pass at an early age. “But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14
    “Jesus loves the little children. all the children of the world.”

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