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This is for the woman who has ever felt unworthy.

Truth is, everything that happens in our life, mould’s us, changes us and leaves an imprint on our hearts.

Woman are emotionally beings, we put feelings in front of everything.

Every memory or action provokes an emotional reaction within us.

Then a lovely lady told me to listen to this song, “She used to be mine” and I was not prepared for what I was going to feel when I listened to it.

Perhaps she saw the pain in my eyes, or perhaps she related to my dismay… either way, I’m relieved she did.

It feels like this song is feeding my soul, I cant explain it, its me… its me! It feels like it was written just for me…. and I haven’t stopped listening to it since. (Literally, I have played this song numerous every day for about 3 weeks)

Source: YouTube

So when you look in the mirror and you don’t recognize the woman staring back at you , just know you are not alone. Know that it does get better and know that you are amazing, no matter how anyone has made you feel.

We may fall, we may disappoint people, we may crumble for the slightest thing and that is all okay. But don’t let someone else’s actions keep you down. You are more than enough and worth much more than you believe.

Stay Strong!




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