Not just a Mom!

“Oh, you’re just a Mom”

Does anyone else’s blood boil when they hear this? Yes I may be a mom, but I’m so much more than that.

I’m a full-time working woman

I’m a chef

I’m a cleaner (of house and body parts)

I’m a nurse

I’m a photographer

I’m an entertainer

I’m a referee (even though I only have 1 child, getting a glass of juice can sound like world war 3 right in my kitchen)

I’m the TV remote

I’m the driver

I’m the teacher

I’m a pillow

I’m a jungle gym

I’m a magician

I scare away boogie men and kiss boo boo’s better

The list is endless of all the different hats that a Mother wears on a daily basis, for her kids.

By the way, MOM turned upside down spells WOW! So put that in your cup and drink it!


But seriously, being a mother is a full-time gig, there is no off switch, no call in sick, and although you might hide in the bathroom for a little while, they will still find you and knock to make sure you are still there, or as soon as they can reach the handle… they will enter to check.


Even if you have help around the house, which is new for me as it had just been Connor and I for over a year… it sometimes feel like they want everyone else rather than you… BUT they still want you when it means the most. As a mother, you are the safety zone, the zone where they feel free and the most like themselves.

As a mother I vowed to protect, nurture and love you everyday for the rest of your life! It is a life-time commitment like no other, an unconditional love like no other. I’m blessed beyond words because I have you.

So the next time somebody yes, “Oh, you’re just a mom” – turn around and say “Yes I am, what’s your superpower?”

P.S. For your safety, don’t mess with a Mama Bear!




12 thoughts on “Not just a Mom!

  1. Truth!!!! Being a mom is a BIG deal. I have to constantly remind myself of this in a world that tells me being a mom is not good enough. That I need to do something great professionally where as my “do something great” is raising three someone greats.

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    1. Thank you for reading and you are so right! You are raising 3 kids that will grow up and do GREAT things because of the great mother you are. Don’t let anyone put you down. You are more than enough.


  2. I love this. It is SO HARD being a mom. Why do we always feel judged, whether we work or not? You’re judged if you stay at home, you’re judged if you work…and oh, the mom guilt! How about we just all support each other because being a mom can sometimes be so hard (but obviously is the best thing ever).

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I actually have a blog post in my drafts about judgmental moms and how hard it is to be a mother. Oh, the mom guilt… it gets me all the time. So glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for reading – and don’t forget, you are a super mom!

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