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TechKids ~ Raising Kids in 2017

It’s often hard to grasp, especially for older folk, just how equipped Connor’s generation is with technology. I often joke that they are born with a tablet in their hands.

My son is almost 3 and certainly knows his way around a smart phone or tablet. Heavens, he even knows the pattern code to his Granny’s tablet… now that’s impressive. He can operate it; by sending voice notes to his Dad, searching and selecting which games he wants to play and more recently… become our resident photographer. See some of his shots below for a little giggle. He definitely doesn’t take the most flattery photos (and might have a small obsession with bums and feet) but it’s definitely a work in progress.




It’s amazing how much he surprise’s us, and how quickly he grasp’s things. Especially at this age, I have to watch everything I say because I basically have a recorder following me around, mimicking every word I utter…. even those under my breath…

This generation, it’s impossible to please anyone and with so many contradicting “rules”, just do whats best for you and your family.

My sons watches TV, plays on tablets, eats McDonald’s and loves milkshakes… but he equally plays with his toys, eats his veggies and has manners (most days).

But we have recently taken a Technology Detox in our house. We have hidden the DVDs and DVD player during the week. Which means that we play games or do puzzles after school instead of watching a movie. We did this because it was becoming a problem for us, Connor wasn’t understanding that he can only watch for a certain time in the afternoons, which resulted in tantrums and messing up of evening routine. So the DVD player disappeared and what a difference it has made to the week, although some days he isn’t happy about it… it’s just the way it has to be for now. We did what was best for us at the time. On weekends, he has free range and can choice his movies.

Balance, it’s all about balance. Everything in moderation is the healthiest choice for me and my family.

We cannot keep them from technology, it’s the Tech generation… but we can guide them to healthy usage and understanding the limits.

Connor gets a sometimes gets little screen time at night to play his puzzle or alphabet games, they are education and boy does he blow my mind which how good he is at them. He grasps the idea of the game so quickly and refusing help from anyone – he has to figure it out for himself (Typical man)


So raise your kids as you see fit, after all you are the parent and you know your child best. What works for some, isn’t going to work for others… take advice with a pinch of salt and leave what you don’t need.

Support, encourage and love your babies!






14 thoughts on “TechKids ~ Raising Kids in 2017

  1. I agree with you about raising kids the way that works for us. I have three boys (6,4,&2). Our rules are TV from 5-7 including an hour of TV lego games provided their bedroom is cleaned and my eldests homework is done. Weekends are a little bit more lenient. I like to find a balance. Great post

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    1. Hi Ailie, Thank you so much for your comment. And its great that you find a balance that works well for you and your family. Too often outside family or friends, try to force their views onto us. Cheers to almost Friday! Lol. Thank you

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  2. Excellent perspective! My kids get grouchiest about screen time ending the longer it is. Zac is two and has just started asking for my old phone when he sees it (it has a Thomas game he likes). It’s too young! We need some good alternatives.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. I agree, shorter screen times are better… The longer my son plays, the more he complains when it ends. My son also started going for the phone at around 2. I couldn’t believe the natural instinct on how to operate it?! He split the screen time and try to equally play with puzzles, or colour and more recently, he has started with the imaginative play… so finding the balance is what is working for us.

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    1. Congrats and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well! 🙂 It is a challenge, as we are surrounded by new gadgets everyday. Finding what works for you and your family is best!


  3. Nice. I quite like your approach towards technology. My husband is a gadget freak. We have every new thing that hits the shelf ( or sometimes before it), in a tech den of a home like ours, it’s tough to keep out child off gadgets completely. We however have found our balance, and our 2 years old respects it on most days. Don’t hate technology. Use it I’m a healthy, effective manner!

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    1. Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated. I’m so glad you guys have found your balance as a family. Thats what I feel is most important. I love technology and all its good uses but there you are so right… Healthy and effective manner is the way to go!

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  4. I really believe that everything in moderation is always good. Technology per se is not evil. It is the usage that defines what is harmful or not. I always allow my son to do videogames and stuff because that seems to be his forte but always with my engagement. I get involved. I grew up in a home with no television, no radio, no computer and just your basic amenities. When I grew up and got mixed in the real world, I had to a lot of catching up to do. I was scared of operation a television because I might mess it up. I felt so ignorant even if was so educated

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    1. Thank you for your comment and you make very valid points. We cant keep them away, because it will be detrimental in this generation, but moderation is key. I love that you are involved… its a way of sharing a common interest with your child, while still being protection of them.


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