{Proud Momma Series}

After experiencing many proud moments as a Mommy, I have decided to add a little series to my blog, where every few months I will up date my followers on the moments that my Son has made me beam with proud, as he grows through different stages (at lighting speed)


Recently, we have just relocated back to Durban from PMB ( which will explain my extremely quiet blog….) . So there have been a lot of changes in Connor Bean’s little life, however he still manages to stay pretty consistent (for the most part)

With the changes, came the chance to move him into his own ‘big boy’ bed. Which, truth be told, I wanted to move him into a while ago, but it wasn’t an option at our previous flat. His uncle, kitted out his bed with the #minions, as it is the latest craze in our house and we were all set to give this own bed thing a go.

First night in his big boy bed

I was hesitant and mentally preparing myself for screams and resistance… considering we have been co-sleeping for more than a year.

Just a little background…Connor has had a mix of co-sleeping (and rocking to sleep) in his early months, then I did the mild sleep training and self soothing, so he was putting himself to sleep in his cot… (but was always welcome in our bed for cuddle’s) Then our worlds shifted a little and it become a full-time co-sleeping arrangement. It worked for us and I loved the cuddles (didn’t love the kicks in the face though, but its all good).

So, although I was preparing for the worst, my little champ smashed it out the park. He has slept in his bed every night since we moved in…(No – he still doesn’t sleep though) but he is in his bed and happy to go sleep by his minions.


Perhaps its sheer dumb luck, or perhaps it’s the fact that he just so happened to be emotionally ready to venture into his own space… either way, I’m relieved it was smooth sailing but I do miss the cuddles and holding his precious little hand while he sleeps.

Ready for first day in his new school

The move also bought along a new school. Too be honest, I knew I way more nervous than him. The love a mother has for her child is so extremely powerful that we are sometimes rendered helpless by it.

Connor screamed when I dropped him off on the first day… everything was new for him and he was looking for his friends from his previous school. I left and sat in my car for 10 mins and cried my eyes out. I was sad because I had left him in that state and didn’t have a chance to remindΒ him that I would be back in the afternoon. Needless to say, he had a great first day and calmed down very quickly. It took a few more days of tears but by the end of the week…. he was settled and happy. Then I cried again, but this time they were tears of joy!


Connor has had a lot of movement in his little life, and always manages to stay his happy self. The older he gets the more he understands and the more he talks, the cheekier he gets… He sure knows how to push my buttons and he is little like his dad… in that he likes to walk on the wild side, meaning he is constantly testing the boundaries and just how far he can get away with things… but heΒ is a wonderful, caring, loving and defiant little rascal.


He is loved and he is happy and weΒ are blessed to have him in our lives!

With love,



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