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Recipe | Easy Peasy Summer Quiche

Eggs are a great source of protein along with other important vitamins, but I know as a mom, I always feel a sense of guilt if I say I’m feeding my child egg for dinner… Some nights I don’t have the energy to cook or I’m really not looking forward to 5 pots to clean up once my Connor Bean is finally in bed…

If I described your life, this recipe is for you.

Ready to be cooked



  • 8 x Large Eggs
  • 180ml Milk (+/- you can be the judge)
  • 1/2 an onion – chopped up
  • 5 x Chicken Vienna’s – chopped up
  • 2 x baby marrows (Courgettes) – chopped up
  • 6 x Mushrooms (you can add as much as you like really) – chopped up
  • A couple stems of broccoli – chopped up
  • A little butter, garlic and seasoning
  • Grated Cheese

It’s really up to you how much of the above ingredients you add, make it with your family in mind.



  1. Pre-heat oven to 200° (on bake)
  2. Fry the Onions, marrows & garlic until onions turn transparent
  3. Add the Vienna’s and mushrooms
  4. Break the eggs, whisk together, add your milk and seasoning
  5. Then add your broccoli to your pan, fry for about 5 mins.
  6. Spray your ovenproof dish
  7. Pour your mix into the greased dish
  8. Top with some grated cheese
  9. Pour your seasoned egg mixture over
  10. Pop into Oven for about 20 minutes
  11. Then once 20 minutes are up, take it out and top with more grated cheese, return to oven turn on the grill.
  12. Grill until your likely, we love the crispy golden cheese at top.
Hot out the oven, still bubbling!

And then you are done; slice up, serve with a salad and enjoy!

Its was Mom win for us, as my son generally refuses all things egg unless its eggie toast (French Toast)…. but last night, this dish won and Mom did a victory dance.

I would love to hear you feedback if you try it out. Hope it was a hit with your family, as much as much son enjoyed it.



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