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My Boy and his Curls

Before I had my child, I was adamant I wasn’t going to cut his hair before he was 3. I think little boys with locks of curls are the cutest. And my boy sure did have perfect curls (Al-rightly, I’m jealous, he has better hair than me and I made him… I have wavy hair that is a bush once brushed )

However, what I didn’t anticipate is how much my little man would suffer in the heat with his full, thick and curly hair and he hated it when I tied it up.. so I was left to make his first cut just after his 2nd birthday.

“Just a small cut… don’t take too much off…” – my words to the first hair dresser


And my heart was broken because all his curls were gone and I knew they weren’t coming back…

Then we had another cut about a month or two later, His hair just seemed to be all over the place after the first cut.

“Just another trim I said… don’t take too much off…. just thin it out a little.” – my words to the second hair dresser


And again he was still brushing it out his face, and it seems to grow like a wild-fire. He was getting frustrated and with summer on its way I knew I had to make my way back to the hairdresser and cut it again, and do it properly this time(sigh!)… What sounds does a breaking heart make?


He now looks even cuter, but also like a little boy. I doubt I will get anymore strangers say, “Aww what a cute little girl!”

But like where has my baby gone? My baby that used to lie under the play gym and kick vigorously at the hanging toys; my baby that loved zooming around the house in his walking ring as if he was race car driver; My baby that I used to rock to sleep or tickle his temple while he slips into lala land.

Cant believe how fast the time goes, now he is going to the big toilet and learning to express himself more. He is taller, determined, loving and sensitive. He loves his friends but plays equally well on his own. He is crazy about puzzles, movies and books. Still loves his cars, truck and trains and boy; does he like to run…. LOVES TO RUN! Definitely think track running is on the cards for this little mover.

It’s magical watching him grow and learn! A love like no other. So for now I have his curls neatly packed away in a  memory box to look back on one day. But curls or not, he is the most beautiful thing I have in my life. I know every mother feels this way. I would be worried if you didn’t.

Shine bright my little rascal! Mommy is your biggest fan and will always support you! I’m so proud that you are already showing how strong-willed you are and have a “don’t give up” attitude, but could we calm it down a bit while I’m still raising you?!?!

P.S. hopefully I can stay away from the hairdressers chairs for a while….



3 thoughts on “My Boy and his Curls

  1. Ok…I cried when I read this. Lol. It took me back nearly 20 years when my baby had his beautiful locks. My family is a family of slow hair growers. Hid finally started growing around age 2 and we didn’t cut it until age 4. He quickly learned to say “I not a girl, I a boy!” They grow too fast don’t they?


    1. Aww, thats so sweet. Glad I was able to provide a trip down memory lane. hehe. Too be honest, I also got tired of being asked if he was a boy or a girl. They do grow up so fast, and just wish I could keep him little for a little longer.

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