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Dear Fellow Mom in the Supermarket

Thank you! Today when I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole, you were supportive, non-judgemental and helpful. You didn’t say a word, your actions spoke for you.

My Connor bean hates the shops and to be brutally honest, I hate to go to the shops with my toddler. Firstly, he thinks he is Dash from the Incredibles and I’m often running after him or I’m having to constantly feed him something in order to bribe him to stay in the trolley. I have learnt my lesson – and usually come fully equipped with a bag of snacks to toss to him like a little caged monkey.

Today, he was generally well behaved. He surprised me in church by not causing a scene and then when we made our way to the shops for groceries he continued his good behaviour. I still thought to myself that he has really surprised me today. Lesson I learnt today – is don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

When we were making our way to the till, I picked up some chicken strips for Connor as it was already lunch time and although he had been snacking the whole time, he was claiming to be hungry. He couldn’t wait and started eating them in the trolley (which is not unusual for him).

When I got to the till and started unpacking the trolley, Connor started to gag (mouth stuffed with chicken) I quickly tried to remove it all and get him to spit it into my hand… but it was too late… the gag reflex had already kicked in and I begged him not to vomit in the shop but he did. (and its not the first time either… just the first time i have been alone)

I tried to catch it and of course it went all over himself, trolley and the floor.

The kind lady behind me handed me two tissues and bought an extra packet at her till (she was also busy paying for her goods) handed me the tissues and the bag and gave me the reassurance smile. She made my day, instead of the usual looks of disgust and judgement, she was caring and supportive. I quickly tried to calm him down and change his top – while continuing to unpack the groceries and pay.

The cleaning lady wasn’t too impressed and I apologised profusely. All I wanted was to pay and get out of the shop… I still had to go into the other shop for the rest of my items and considering Connor threw up all over my grocery list and came out with only half the things I needed.

But thank you to the fellow mom who was understanding that these things happen, and oh so helpful.

What a wonderful world we would live in, if we could all be this understanding and help out fellow moms. We have all had the kid that has screamed the shops down, or had an explosive shit all over themselves and the car seat or had our kid pull things off the shelf and like mine, vomit in public.

Thank you fellow mommy, your support is greatly appreciated.

With Love,

Disney Mom



2 thoughts on “Dear Fellow Mom in the Supermarket

  1. My son loves pretzels so I keep them in the car and he only gets them at stores. I stuff enough in my purse to make sure he doesnt runt out until Im finished shopping. If I don’t he screeches to get out of the cart (hes 14 mo). I bet every single mom has been in your situation at least once!

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