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Potty Training – Sorted!

During the day that is, but we are still potty trained. It has been an interesting experience and one that I have to thank Connors day mother,  as it was her work during the day that set us up for victory.

I did my part at home, in terms on consistency. The moment I diligently committed to taking him to the potty frequently and putting him on the potty before bath, bed and in the morning – thats  when things started to pick up quickly. In hindsight we started introducing the toilet 1 year ago but it was only a few months ago that we all fully committed it doing it. Having the group do it at school definitely helps. It’s a “monkey see monkey do” kind of business.

However, what I didn’t prepare myself for, was that my toddler  will now be using public toilets as he is no longer in nappies. I cringe as I write this. I myself, hate public toilets and only go if I’m desperate. Really desperate.

However for my active and investigative 2.5 year old – it’s the same toilet as the one at home. And because he is basically eye level with the toilet he has to touch it! Why oh why does he have to touch it???????


So before we head off on a another trip with my toddler in his undies, I’m going to buy the biggest pack of anti bacterial wipes and largest bottle of hand sanitizer I can find and that is going to replace the nappies and cream in my handbag.

You gotta be quick though, because when they got to go, they got to go. It’s ninja level to get that seat wiped and his pants down in time. Don’t forget to position the pistol. I have learnt the hard and wet way, that the little pistol sure can spray. Recently had to cup my hands over the aim and hope that most of the wee makes it into the toilet and not onto his pants.(I was unsuccessful) So yes, you got to be quick.

And the little potty I bought him seems to be done now, it’s a big boy – big toilet arrangement. I still can’t believe that the stock of nappies I bought last month which is now equivalent to 3 months supply (as he only uses one a day) – which will probably last until 2017. They might even be the last nappies I buy for my toddler, my baby, my big boy.

Reality check – my boy uses the toilet. He asks to use the toilet and knows when he needs to go. He makes poo’s on the toilet and even asks you to leave the bathroom and calls me when he is done. He doesn’t like to be watched when he poo’s. Ironic much? As he still has to watch me do my business, and provide a running commentary. Doesn’t seem fair! hahahahahaha

The stages of their life and the stages we go through as parents, will never cease to amaze me. Its a wonder to be treasured. A treasure to be loved.

My advice for any moms heading down the potty training route:

  1. Be consistent, once you start – fully commit. It will make the whole process easier.
  2. If your child has a nappy on, but asks to go to the toilet/potty – you take them. Even at 4am in the morning (yes it happened to me). Don’t  say “Don’t worry you have a nappy on now” you will be taking steps backwards instead of forwards.
  3.  Don’t force the situation, all kids are ready at different ages. Heck it took us a year from the time we introduced it to actually being potty trained, but he wasn’t ready and we weren’t consistent then.
  4. This is my personal choice, but I didn’t bribe Connor with sweets or stickers, it may work for others but I didn’t feel that it was the right way to approach the situation. I’m not against bribery (I’m a frequent bribe master) but I felt that praise, clapping and dancing was more effective than a “prize”. I also didn’t want to create a habit that a prize was expected every time Connor Bean did his business. Praise worked for us. But whatever floats your boat, is good too!


Enjoy the process, the mess and the excitement!


Here’s to my little boy, although he isnt little anymore, he will always be my baby.

With Love,

Disney Mom


2 thoughts on “Potty Training – Sorted!

  1. Oh my goodness-we are starting potty training and it’s well…going… I’ve heard from friends with boys you have to be pistol ready if you will. I have girls (thank gosh for now, cross your fingers when they become tweens and mean).


    1. With boys – the aim is really so unpredictable. LOL. Good Luck with the potty training… it can get messy but its also a great milestone from them. Its almost like the final step from them being babies. I heard Boys are harder when younger and girls harder when tweens… Will be thinking of you lol. Thanks for your comment 🙂 xx

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