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Don’t wait until it’s too late #carseatfullstop

If you are a parent and you haven’t heard of #carseatfullstop then where have you been hiding?!?!


It’s this amazing campaign that rises awareness about something that some would think is common sense but unfortunately its not. And its usually the innocent children that feel the effects of the parents lack of common sense & negligence.

Okay, negligence might seem a bit harsh but; Would you willingly let your child  get kidnapped? Would you let them run into peak hour traffic? Would you let them jump off a 3ft wall? I’m certain the answers are NO. Then why would you drive in your car and NOT have your child strapped in??


The above link, is a blog that will explain the affects on your baby/toddler/child, if the vehicle you are traveling in , is hit by another car. It’s scary and it’s a reality.

Don’t be the mom or dad that says “I thought it would never happen to me”. There are too many horror stories to not be aware; to not practice safety in every aspect of your life. Your life is a gift and so is your child’s. It’s your responsibility to take care of their safety, you are their care giver. If you can’t strap them into a car seat, booster or even the seat belt – then you are not doing your job properly.

Sorry! but that’s how I feel and after all this is my blog! My freedom of speech.

When I see people driving around with their kids; (or other peoples kids for that matter) standing on the front seat, back set or even jumping around, I honestly want to pull them over and give them a piece of my mind. How can they not know the consequences of their actions? How can they not put the child’s safety first? It baffle’s me and even gives me nightmares. Every child’s life is precious, My child is the most precious thing to me. I make a conscious decision every time we drive in the car, to make sure Connor bean is in his car seat, strapped in and secure. He has now learnt to take his arms out of the straps, but he either puts them in himself or I help him – but I stick to my guns and he remains strapped in.


I am lucky in a way as Connor bean enjoys  driving in the car and is a good passenger. But I know some parents don’t have it easy and some kids hate the car seat and hate driving around. I’m sorry that its even more stressful for you. But you are the adult and you have to set the boundaries. One of those should be that if we drive in the car, we have to be strapped in. I don’t care if you have to bribe your child on every trip. Please rather be safe than sorry!

Do you feel the same way? Do you want to help spread the word? Here’s how you can help:

  • Sign up for the Newsletter here
  • Follow them on Social Media – Facebook , Instagram & Twitter
  • Share! Share! & Share some more!
  • If you know of anyone (or even yourself) that has a second hand, working car seat and are willing to donate it. You can drop your seats off at any Vovlo car dealership and they will refurbish and distribute to those in need.
  • You can also find information on Wheel Well Facebook page.
  • I personally been in contact with both Mandy from #carseatfullstop & Peggy from Wheel Well. Both are very helpful, responsive and have a real passion for the safety of our children


“The primary focus of #CarseatFullstop is to raise awareness of the devastating
consequences that not strapping your child in can have.”


I’m supporting this campaign, and you should too!

With Love,

Disney Mom


8 thoughts on “Don’t wait until it’s too late #carseatfullstop

  1. I don’t think it’s too harsh to say a parent who doesn’t properly secure their child is being negligent. That’s exactly what they are. I hate seeing kids ‘loose’ in the car and am tempted to beep my horn at the driver but I know that would only increase the chance of them having an accident. Great post. Will share.


    1. Accidents do happen in a flash! And there is not guarantee but as long as we strap them in and strap ourselves in… we are at least doing our part in preventing as much injury as possible. Thank you for your comment!


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