Toddler Life

Reasons why my 2 year old cried today

Although toddler-hood is filled with adventures, imaginative play, new words popping up everyday and the ability to mimic everything we say (except when we want to them copy us) It is also filled with tantrums, as they get frustrated over the smallest of things.


So, in order to make light of the things our little ones find frustrating – I complied a list of 10 common reasons while my toddler cried yesterday, today and will probably cry over tomorrow.

  1. His biscuits were broken and I couldn’t fix them
  2. The oven is cooking his chicken nuggets that he wanted to eat raw
  3. I opened the yogurt for him
  4. I told him to wipe his hands and he wanted to wipe his face first
  5. I wouldn’t let him eat the apple, which was actually an onion
  6. I gave him the wrong pillow to sleep with
  7. I needed him to get undressed (from a onsie) to have a wee before I  got him ready for school – this is after he slept until just after 7 and we leave home at 7.15 . He refused to take the onsie off, claiming “its mine” and telling me to go out the bathroom. This is all from a child that is up at the crack of dawn on weekends but takes 20 mins to wake up on a school day.
  8. I emptied his potty without letting him watch or closed the toilet lid and he wanted to do it.
  9. I wouldn’t take off his socks and shoes, or take the book , or pick up his juice – while I was driving !!


Now I’m fully aware that they cry for the typical reasons too; they got hurt, they are tired; they are hungry and many other reasons as well. I’m sure I’m part to blame as I am always rushing… rushing to school, to work, to the shops, to make dinner, to bath ..etc.

I got to tell myself to slow down, breath and just accept. It’s hard though as when you work a full-time job – your employer isn’t exactly open to the fact that your toddler was having an off morning and that’s why you are late. So I just work within my means.

However, the drive to work is always filled with guilt, even more so if I have had to fight with Connor to do something or when the morning has been particularly sour. We only get so many hours in a day with them and 30% of that they make you want to pull your hair out and the other is filled with joy, love, laughter and contentment.

There is no manual for parenthood and the baby books do not prepare you for the amount of things you will face on a daily basis. It’s also the most fulfilling and rewarding job in the world. Your payment is love and kisses, and the occasional kick in the face.


There is nothing that will bring me more happiness than this little face! My wish is, when he looks back on his childhood, he will know above all else, he was LOVED!


With Love,

Disney Mom



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