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Please buckle up your kids!

This is something I feel very passionate about, but don’t often say anything about it. But just this morning I heard over the radio, of a toddler that was being air-lifted to hospital because his parents were involved in an accident and the child went through the front window!!! At the very moment my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t help but have such rage for people I don’t even know. I don’t know their circumstances or how the accident even happened, I do not know if the mother had a seat belt over her and the child in the back seat BUT what i do know is this child was not in a car seat…  and the images of the accident make me sick to my stomach!


I cannot fathom how parents drive with their kids standing on seats and not buckled in. I really try my best not to judge other parents, as I myself hate to be judged for my parenting choices! But this is a huge exception for me… If you do not have your child buckled in; standing on the seat oR hanging out the window – then I cant help but question you (and that’s the honest truth)! How can a parent be so reckless… the roads are a dangerous place and you could be the best driver in the world, and it just takes 1 wrong move from a drunk driver, or even someone who is texting and driving; and your whole life or the life of your child, could be over.

So much focus is put on the debate between front facing vs rear facing… when the main concern should be – please just buckle up safely! That is what is going to make the major impact when your car is in an accident. But having no car seat or seat belt leaves your child exposed, and at risk of  being catapulted through the window, like this  incident toddler that is now fighting for his life in hospital.

There has been less than a handful of times when I have had to hold Connor in the backseat, and I hate it…. absolutely hate it! I cringe just thinking about it. I hold him so tightly and put the seat belt over both of us and make sure we didn’t sit in the middle. And even then I know we weren’t safe…. I’m all about the car seat and Connor knows, that is his place and there is no other option! I understand sometimes we really have no choice, but always try make safest choices… I shudder at the thought of how these parents are feeling at the moment… I know I would never ever forgive myself.

I beg you, strap your kids to their car seats and strap those car seats into the car. Don’t just think that because they are in a car seat, that the car seat does not need to be strapped into the car’s seat belts. You would do anything for your children, so please keep them safe in the cars. If it means that you have to drive with a toddler that is screaming in the car seat, then that is what you have to do… rather a screaming toddler that is strapped in – then a toddler screaming  because he just got thrown from the car and is badly injured. (Sorry for being so harsh but I’m trying to get my point across)

I don’t usually write blogs like this but I feel I have to say something! You are the parent and although parenting is hard on a good day, we can not allow our children to be exposed to hazard situations and that includes driving around in a car without a seat belt / Car seat / Booster.

download (1)

Please, don’t wait until it’s too late.

Vent over!

With love and prayers for this innocent toddler,

Disney Mom


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