Toddler Life

The two’s aren’t all terrible

I’ve written about the terrible two’s and there isn’t a day that I don’t experience the testing and tiring incidents that occur while my baby is finding his feet in this world. The tantrums are often over the smallest of things or if they don’t get their own way. It’s hard to be consistent and stern while loving and encouraging. But it’s not all doom and gloom…


So I decide to write about the few things that I love about the two’s:

1. I love that he laughs at things he finds funny, or laughs at me when I’m acting crazy or even just laughs at himself. Their sense of humor really starts to develop now and it can make the hardest of days, all better with just one little unexpected giggle.

2. I love that he is learning to use the potty. And how cute his little bum looks in undies. It’s enough to melt my heart. He is doing well… we have our bad days… but we are trying to be consistent and he is pretty much in undies all day at school. It’s both hilarious and gross that he has to examine his poo while on the potty. Is it just a boy thing?

download (1).jpg

3. I love that he asks me ” what you doen?” Yes it’s a mix of Afrikaans in there…. it’s what happens when you have an afrikaans day mother. But whenever I answer him he always says “Oh! Okay!” And I can’t tell you how much I love it when he says that. His tone and facial expressions are to die for!

4. I love the imaginative play. It’s really starting to develop now and it’s wonderful to watch! Soon there will be forts out of blankets and imaginary friends. Such adventures await. A few pieces of Lego is a truck and a wall is a tv. He can pretend to “drive” a tin opener like a car and use the couch as a trampoline.

5. I love that he can start to tell you a story… haha. The other day i saw him pinch his finger between the chair and the table; he moaned a little and came to me to show me his eina. I asked him what happened and he tells me “Kellan did it”. Now Kellan is his friend from school and I just saw what happened with my own 2 eyes but it was still so cute. Lessons on the difference between a lie and the truth to follow soon…..

6. I’m constantly amazed at how technically minded our generation is.. Connor can control the DVD player, change the settings on his grannies phone and select his own ABC game… I’m fully aware of the dangers of too much technology but I do believe that if it is controlled and monitored, that it can be educational. Connor repeats the words in the game and 9/10 always selects the right one.


Basically, it’s a wonderful and fulfilling experience that comes with messy hair, a house filled with toys and a laundry basket that is never empty. But they grow so fast, and all this moments need to cherished. So as I write this; my busy, boisterous and adorable son is fast asleep in la-la land ( for now) and I have to reflect on the joys of being a toddler…

  1. He had a 15 minute screaming match because his Marie biscuits from his lunch box were finished.
  2. He was completely defiant at school today and he came home with that attitude… he must have turned his hearing off this morning. Hope he decides to turn it on tomorrow.
  3. He gave me the stare down and laughed directly in my face while I was reprimanding him… then turned and farted on me and laughed again… I had to walk away because I wanted to laugh as well… they can be so naughty but so cute at the same time… that’s what makes discipline hard to follow through with for me.


When you find your meaning in life, whatever it is… it makes all the hard days worth it. Being a mother is honestly the best thing in my life, but it doesn’t come easy – but nothing worth having is easy. Embrace the Glorious mess that you are!


With Love,
Disney Mom


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