What is Motherhood?

A word commonly used around any woman who has given birth or is raising children but it has a special definition for everyone. Motherhood can either be something you ‘belong’ too or something that you ‘are’. In this day and age, motherhood is a choice not an obligation, but there is no turning back once you decide to be a mom! There is no out clause; no breach of contract, in fact the only contract that exists is one of love, that is so strong and binding that you find yourself in awe of it!

So lets break the word down a bit… starting at the end, because who likes conventional?

Hood – although typically referred to a gangster slang word derived from neighborhood, usually talking about the ghetto or where all the gangsters and thugs live. Now im in no way saying that my child is a gangster…. but being a mother is 70% NOT GLAMOROUS and I suppose that’s where the relationship lies. These little miracles rule our lives in so many ways and are so dependent on us for everything, that in turn we are trekked through the hood to give it to them!

Am I making sense? Hope so, next  is:

Mother – Google tries to tell me that it is a relation between a woman and the child who she has given birth too and I certainly don’t agree! You do not have to give birth to a child in order to be a mother. Being a mother is a calling, it’s a blessing and it is not defined by birth.

So motherhood on a whole has the following meaning for me – It’s learning about love you didn’t know you had; a love that lasts a lifetime from that first little cry; It’s being pushed, pulled, kicked and vomited on; It’s being fully responsible for another life and never making a decision for yourself again; It’s a constant stumble and learning experience – as your children grows, so you as a mother continue to grow!; It’s when you can’t wait until bed time but then you just stare at your sleeping child (or am I the only one who does this?);  I could go on and on but I think you get the idea.

Motherhood is simple amazing!

I do feel that all woman who are a part of motherhood should all have one common goal – Raising our kids to the best of our ability under the circumstances that we each face. My best might be different to the next woman, but its my BEST so that’s all that matters!

Motherhood is not a competition, it’s not a race to see who walks first or who talks the most! Motherhood is a special journey between you and your child/children and is unique to you alone. I myself, get caught in the comparison of “oh, they are the same age but my son isn’t talking as much as him!” and then I quickly give myself a pep talk… “Listen here Chick! Connor Bean is perfect and developing at his own pace! Chill” Its unfair of me to put such expectations on my child.

So boast about your child and praise all that is unique about your child! There is no other like him/her and he/she belongs to you!


Even if my heart was as big as the universe, it would still not be able to hold all the love that I have for my Connor bean!

With Love

Disney Mom


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