I’m not good at taking my own advice…

I must of done something to piss off the universe this week!! It feels like 2 weeks worth of crap crammed into 3 days (literally), a series of unfortunate events and I’m shattered! If someone just looked at me wrong today – I knew I was going to burst into tears.

Now if you read my last blog post about the two wolves, then I can honestly tell you I have not listened to a thing I said in that post! I’m good at dishing out advice, not so good at taking it! I have been so frazzled this week and just oozing self pity! I feel like I’m suck in such a rut!

First, my phone crashed on Sunday, just died on me …. I don’t have an alarm clock and my house clock ‘s battery is dead! Scratch around for a battery and thankfully find one and had check time in my car, as I had totally lost sense of everything! Had to rely on my own instincts to wake up for school and work on Monday morning… which means I didn’t sleep well  (who can with a toddler that co-sleeps and turns like a washing machine and doesn’t sleep through most nights anyway.)

I had no idea how lost I would be without my phone…I  don’t remember numbers off by heart anymore…. all my important things are on the phone. I take for granted how easy it is to snap a picture of Connor, or whats app a friend or log on my internet banking ! I was a mess!

Monday rolls over at snails pace, went to try and sort out phone at the mall after work and was running late, so grab Connor something to eat for dinner and raced to his school to fetch him. We get home, he eats and we do bathtime routine etc. Everything is still fine!

12.30am Connor  projectile vomits all over the bed and then the floor and himself…. he is crying, I’m trying to keep myself from vomitting, we both still half asleep… clean him, clean the bed, rinse the vomit stuff (try not to vomit again) and then get Connor back to sleep! Repeat whole episode at 03.30am!!!

Tuesday morning, he seems fine but Im already thinking that the take-away is to blame. At school he stops vomitting but is suffering from the other end. When I picked him up from school my poor baba was so lethargic and had a slight fever.

Took him home only to find out we have NO WATER!!!!

Of all the days they could turn the water off, it had to be the day my son was vomitting and crapping up a storm! Connor only had fluids, he didnt want to eat, still crapping… still feverish!

I already had mountains of washing, and Connor bean was messing through all his clean clothes at lighting speed, plus went through 3 pairs of pajamas the night before! Still no water and my poor baba isn’t not happy. Mommy isn’t happy either!

And just too top it off, Mrs Flow is about to make her appearance!! I dont want to admit my reactions are because of PMS! I refuse too! DON’T even mention it.

And then it seemed like he was on the mend but tonight he has started again . He is sleeping peacefully now so hopefully he back to his happy and hyper self tomorrow.

Where is my bed? Where is the weekend? And where is my good wolf?

With Love, Frustration & Self pity

Disney Mom






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