Stigma around C-Sections!

Last month, I had to have 1 of my wisdom teeth pulled as it was causing such excruciating pain! At the time I still commented to my mother in law that my C-section recovery wasn’t even this painful! I’m certain I was over exaggerating as when I look back now (that I’m no longer in pain) the painful, but bearable recovery of my C-Sec was worse!

Bearable? That I suppose, is a word used by Mothers who have given Natural birth and C-sections. For me there is only one factor that makes it bearable, and that is seeing and holding my child.

I forced myself out of that bed the next morning and it was the best thing I could have done for my recovery. I recommend that to anyone who is going to have a C-Sec, get up as soon as possible!


Okay, back to my topic; so while the dentist was drilling and filing and pulling at both ends of my mouth with his pliers in the back, naturally I was whimpering a bit. Its darn uncomfortable and of course you can’t feel pain but you can feel the tugging and the sound of drilling in your mouth is enough to make you shout STOP! Anyway, in the half a second breather I got, while he changed tools – I commented that it is like a C-section….. meaning you can feel the pulling, tugging and pushing but there is no pain.

When we were done, my mother in law was asking him how much pain will I be in and when should I take the first meds etc, and this Male dentist had the audacity to say that I CAN’T handle pain because I had a C-section . I will admit I was still in shock at the size of my tooth (it had 3 roots) to say anything to him, all I could muster was “Hey! It’s not like a wanted a C-section”


Although, while I was recovering at home, I couldn’t stop thinking about what he had said and the fact that its been a month already and it’s still bugging me – I thought I had to write about it!

  1. Firstly, I’m certain he has NEVER given birth, so how can he comment on the pain difference between  Natural Birth and Recovery of a C-Sec.
  2. If anything, a C-Sec has weeks if not months (for some woman) of pain and discomfort after the surgery.
  3. For some woman (like myself) we didn’t want the C-Sec. I made a rushed and uninformed decision. And although I think my gynae was great, I’m still hurt by the way my choices were offered to me (keeping in mind he was leaving for holiday in 3 days time).
  4. Only another Mother will understand how awful “Mommy Guilt” is and this insensitive man, just threw my guilt back in my face. Talk about kicking a woman while she is down!
  5. I’m proud of my scar, as that’s how I meet my Prince. Yes, it wasn’t what I wanted and if given the opportunity to have another child one day – my first option will be to try a  VBAC but I’m still a warrior!


Some people have no idea how much their quick and unprocessed comments can hurt a person. Why don’t you try to give birth to a child before you make comment like that again. Oh wait! You’re a man, you can’t!

Vent Over!


Disney Mom



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