5 minutes please!

Just wait 5 minutes please Connor! Wait? What is that Mom? Connor has absolutely no desire to listen to the word “Wait” or even try and understand it for that matter!

The latest events in the Lee Household is, every night I have to beg Connor to the point of insanity to get out the bath; after I have washed him and he has played in the water until he has Grandpa  feet and the water is cold.

Last night, I tried to be proactive (Lets hope it doesn’t snow!) and get a head start on my weekend of spring cleaning; by cleaning and scrubbing the bathroom while Connor is in the bath, as I know he is going to be a good 15 minutes still. The moment I started scrubbing the basin and wiping the walls, he stands up and asks to get out! What the heck? Really… of course! Why am I so surprised?  I’m already covered in handy andy and I have started this so I need to finish it. For the next 10 minutes he called my name (Mom) about 305 times while I quickly gave the bathroom a clean.


When I was done,I grabbed his towel and said he can come out now… to which he responded “No out!” …. he has just begged me to get out and now that im ready… he has changed his mind. Wow, talk about full circle!

I think my kid is trying to make me crazy… hahaha! Well, we then spent the next 10 minutes kicking and screaming because I had taken him out the bath and turned the light off myself… which is his job. Which meant that dressing him was a nightmare. Why is he so strong willed?.. Its a good trait to have – just not while i’m raising him. (Stolen from a quote I saw once)


Somehow though, as tough and frustrating as it gets, they always make up for it in cuddles and kisses. After our ordeal; I made Connor his bottle for bed, he choose his story book and we read a story in bed cuddling. One can easily forget all the difficult times in that moment, until tomorrow morning when I pour his juice into the wrong cup or put the wrong socks on him.


I love you Connor Bean, always have and always will. Thank you for your love and everything you have taught me and continue to show me about yourself and about me, as a mother.

You are my biggest blessing and my toughest reward. I just want to do right by you! Today, tomorrow and forever!


Disney Mom


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