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The Art of Perfect Timing

How is it that Children know just when the “perfect timing” (queue Sarcasm) is?

Connor bean never ceases to surprise me that he is able to do everything at the perfect (a.k.a not so perfect) timing…. this include but not limited to:

  1. Falling sleep in the car on a 10 minute drive when you really need him to stay awake.
  2. Messing on the outfit (that you waited until the last minute to change him in to), as you are about to leave the house.
  3. Doing his number 2 on a quick trip to the shop for bread and milk – with NO nappy bag!
  4. Doing his number 2 as you about to leave the house (and always on the days when you are running late).
  5. Always wanting to sleep in when we running late for school, yet up early most weekends.
  6. Adamant that he wants to climb into the car seat himself and then takes 10 minutes to do so…. but the day you actually want him to climb in himself as your hands are full… then all of a sudden he isn’t able to? (Roll eyes)
  7. Bedtime is the perfect time to smother mom with million kisses and call her back to the room every 2 minutes to give ‘last hug” (Okay, So I actually love this part of the day)

They will throw tantrum when your hands are full and your patience thin… they know just how to scream the house down while taking a bath or while getting dressed but mostly importantly they know just how to push you to the edge of insanity before reverting back to cute and adorable.


Truth is, we adapt to our children. They come in like wrecking balls and nothing will ever be the same and you definitely don’t want it to be. I was having a chat with a friend at a birthday party on the weekend, while our children were running wild on the jungle gyms (my son giving me heart palpitation’s on the highest obstacles), and we were just saying how we cant remember our lives before we had kids and its so true. On the hardest days you get a hint of when you were by yourself but you are quickly reminded, when you reminiscence, that your child will always be worth it. Worth every meltdown, every roastie, every explosive poop nappy and every cuddle. Because even on the hardest days, your kid stills thinks the world of you!

So remember, when you are having a hair pulling, internal screaming and patience thinning day, that you are a great mom! Tomorrow is a new day and will probably be better… perhaps until the first tantrum but that’s also okay.


Rock on Momma’s! 


Disney Mom


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