Open Letter to that Driver

Dear Irresponsible Driver,

I’m certain that you can see that it is rainy and misty this morning, the spray that brought up from the cars in front and next to us, can indicate that it has been raining all night and the roads are very wet.

I’m sure you have some where to be; an early morning business meeting or to catch a flight somewhere or perhaps you just running late for work. I too, am on my way to work and I can guarantee that its much better to be a couple of minutes late due to the weather, then to not show up at all…

And that is the problem, by the way you drive our fancy BMW or your even your Corsa Lite, you are putting innocent people at risk. And for what? If you have a Need for Speed, please kindly book yourself some time of a race track and go WILD!!

I can see how you feel that if  you have a fancy new car or even your old reliable Mazda that is capable of being pushed to the limits, you are “entitled” to drive it to its MAX, BUT there is certainly NO need to drive 160km in the wet weather…  your life matters and so does mine.

Please be aware, when you driving up my backside wanting me to either go faster or probably more so, to just move out of your way – that just 2 feet in front of you is the most precious cargo I will ever carry…. my child. And if I were to slam on breaks because of something that has happened in front of me… you wouldn’t have enough time to prevent yourself from smacking into the back of my car!!! Now would that be worth it… absolutely not!

So on the freeway and Main roads; in peak traffic and terrible weather situations, let’s try stick to the speed limit, hey? And be aware that other people have their children, their parents or even their clients in the car. There is a chance that you will never forgive yourself if you are responsible for an innocent persons death because your foot was too heavy on the metal.

Here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Put your lights on in misty and rainy weather
  2. Keep a safe following distance.
  3. Don’t try to speed up on the left and then cut in further ahead… it causes all the cars behind you to have to slam on brakes.
  4. and lastly, Don’t drive like a Jerk


Yours sincerely

Responsible Driver (A.k.a Pissed of Mama Bear)





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