Practice what you preach!

I have been trying to teach Connor that he mustn’t draw in his story books. Its been quite an interesting task as his little mind can’t quite understand; that he can draw in a coloring book but not in a story book. Probably a bit much to ask from a 2-year-old?

And although the stories books are kept away from the crayons, there are still a few scribbles that make their way in to pages of Toy Story or Big Hero 6. Every time we come across a scribble we discuss that Connor mustn’t draw in the story books and that he is naughty to do so…

Well last week I made a fatal mistake…. Connor is part of the Disney book club, so every month he gets 2 books in the post. Sometimes these books make their way to his school because if he starts reading them in the morning then he want part with them. So I always write his name in the front of his books so I know which are his etc.

Well Connor was busy playing and I picked up the marker and the new books and started writing his name in the front. He comes up and asks for the books, so I give them to him as soon as I’m done. He promptly opens the book and points to his name and declares “Mommy Naughty!!” I just got schooled by my 2-year-old. I was flabbergasted and quickly reminded him that dinner was almost ready and to go sit by the table- At some point I need to explain to him the difference between drawing all over the pages and writing his name but for now we will just change the subject.

“Do as I say & not as I do” is a joke… they will be following your Β every footstep, mimicking your every move, so lead a good example and label the books when kids are asleep!


Definitely have my work cut out for me; our children are looking at us everyday, watching us with anticipation and waiting patiently to throw a tantrum (Haha, only joking on that one) but the truth is the way we speak to our children is the way they are going to speak, the way we react to them is the way they will react to others.

There are days when I cringe because how I have handled things with Connor or get mad at myself for shouting to soon but they certainly know how to push us to the edge. Just this morning, my alarm didn’t go off and we were extremely late… first Connor throws a tantrum because I’m not in the bed, then a tantrum because he is hungry (He has breakfast at school) and then a tantrum because the cereal biscuit I gave him broke. The final tantrum was because he wanted his gum boots not hisΒ than takkies (which he decides when i have already put 1 shoe on)… all this while trying to run out the door to make it to work &Β schoolon time.

Parenthood is hard work but the most rewarding job ever; that pays in hugs, kisses and sleepless nights.


Disney Mom


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