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Dinosaurs & Ladybugs

The weekdays are always so hectic and go go go, and considering i’m a single parent in the respect that Chris is currently not staying with us, its extremely busy. Having to split the time between my child, full time job, making lunch, sorting dinner, bath time and cleaning, etc there is little time left in the day.

So on the weekends that Connor and I stay home, in our pajamas the whole day, we always make time for a bit of arts and crafts… yay more cleaning for mom (Sucker for punishment I guess)

Keeping in mind that the concentration time of a 2 year old is a short rope and it takes longer to set up then it does for the actual activity – its still fun quality time shared.

Lately I have been holding onto egg cartons, boxes and toilet rolls in hopes that I can become creative and also feel like I have “recycled” in some way (gotta do my part for the planet right?). Or perhaps its my hoarding tendency that gets off, on building up an arts and crafts collection.

So this Saturday we decided to create something out of the mountains of  items waiting for to be recycled…  I have to admit that my little bean really enjoys painting and I’m so glad that he does…. although he hasn’t quite got the concept of separate colors its okay… its learning experience after all. He has got a lot of artist’s in his blood line so holding thumbs he carry’s those genes.

We decided to turn a paper plate and toilet roll into a Dinosaur and a Egg carton into a Lady bug….

It starts out good and always ends in a mess..

But it reminded me of the fact that, Parenthood is messy… there is no getting around it. Its vomit on your shirt , its wet sheets from a leaky nappy, its puddles on the bathroom floor from the volcano(my child) that erupted in the tub, its spilled juice, its mud in the car and crumbs in your handbag (among other things). Its late nights and early mornings, its litres of milk (no matter what method you decide to feed your child), its high chairs covered in butternut puree and removing splinters from little feet.

But regards of the mess that has filled our lives, there is such Joy and Happiness, and a couple of cringing, hair pulling, screaming moments, but there is LOVE. Unconditional Love of the best kind. The hard days may seem like they never end but one day the mess will be gone and you will want it back for just one more day. I try to remind myself of this every time my busy toddler eventually falls off to sleep and i just stare at him and enjoy the sight of his beautiful peaceful face because I know in a few hours, as i’m falling off to sleep he will wake up and cry for milk or water – its a wonder how he always manages to do it as i’m falling a sleep, no matter what time I have gone to bed.  I have to admit in those moments my patience is very thin and when he has woken for the 5th time in 2 hours for no apparent reason I tend to be abit more like a roaring dinosaur and then a gentle lady bug. But all I can promise is tomorrow will be better and i will try harder.

I’m constantly trying my best, some days I make mistakes and I fall but I always pick myself up and always put my son first. One thing I hope he remembers from his childhood, is that he was loved!

And here is the finished product!



Disney Mom





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