You know you are a parent when….

Probably at one stage or another all parents can relate to this phrase…

There are the adorable ways, like kissing little toes and bear hugs from tiny arms and then the not so glamorous of cleaning up vomit from the bed at 2am or a number 2 nappy that has exploded all over baby and the car seat!

Here are few that have recently reminded me that I am a parent to a very active, very stubborn and very cute 2 year old:

  1. You get excited when the blow their nose for the first time.
  2. You clap when they peel their own banana.
  3. You do a happy dance when they have eaten all their dinner.
  4. You have to kiss the story book goodnight.
  5. You often feel more like a jumping castle then an actually human.
  6. You hear your name “MOM!” get called more than 100 times in under 1 minute – while you are in the same room as them, answering each call…… (please just tell me what you need already!!)
  7. You never going to know which cup he wants…
  8. You offer your child something to drink and they say no, so you take it away AND then they through a tantrum because they want a drink (this one gets me every time!)
  9. You catch yourself bouncing or swaying and you not even holding your child.
  10. You constantly negotiating bath time with a milk bottle.
  11. You have a carpet in the lounge made up of dinosaurs, cars, legos, balls and books.
  12. Your child hands you the toilet paper because they can not let you have so much as a pee in peace.

But mostly you are filled with such proud, proud that you get to call your little bundle of joy (covered in mess) your own. Proud that they can start to do things for themselves like take off their clothes and brush their teeth but so happy that Mom is the first word they call for anything that they need (even when you have heard it 300 times and its only 10am)

Bless their little hearts!

I would love to hear your daily realizations of being a parent?


Disney Mom



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