Fathers Day 2016

This Sunday certainly wasn’t the conventional Fathers Day, there was no coffee and breakfast in bed and spending every minute of the day together. But we did spend time together and it was thoroughly enjoyed by both Connor and Chris. So just for today, I will say that conventional is over-rated.

Chris has reached the part in his 12 Step program where he is able to go out for the day, so we fetched him from the morning meeting  at 10.30am and was able to spend the day with him before dropping him off at the rehab at 4pm.

Sadly the time goes so fast and the visits never feel long enough but certainly better than not seeing him at all. We enjoyed a delicious lunch at Enzos in Scottburgh, thanks to my Father in law (Highly Recommend!). And then spent the rest of the time relaxing on the beach. A beautiful sunny winters day was enjoyed by all.


My 2 little fish enjoyed a swim in the sea, for that moment, all my worries were non existent and only happiness remained, just watching father and son enjoying each others company. Shrieks of laughter from our little Connor bean, filled my already over following heart.


These visits are cherished by both Connor and Chris. Their bond is still as strong as ever. Chris is doing what needs to be done in order to be a good father and I know Connor does not understand now but when he is older he will see the strength it took for Chris to admit all his faults and try his hardest to fix them. There’s still a long road ahead but for now its days like Sunday that make the journey just that little bit easier to take.

Live and Let Live!


Disney Mom


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