Connor given the all clear…

Turns out that my traumatic experience trying to draw blood from my little boy was for nothing, Connor is not allergic to a single thing. Niks, Nada, Zilch!!

Now i know it actually wasn’t for nothing because we now have confirmation that he has no allergies but my Mommy guilt quickly kept in and gave me a hectic scolding. I should be happy – my Son is Healthy; Iron levels are good, Weight is good and on track with his milestones.

So then WHY does he keep getting a snotty nose, post nasal which inevitably causes the persistent cough??? Paed’s terms, was he has a form of Rhinitis that is not brought on my allergies…. in laments terms, my child has a sticky nose.

Okay, so next step is a 3 month course of Flo-mist Spray in the morning and Texa Allergy Syrup at night. I can see that it is helping him as he hasn’t had a cough in over 3 weeks however he nose is blocked instantly if he doesn’t get his spray and syrup at the correct times.

We will follow doctors orders and re-look at the situation in a few months. If the spray and Syrup prevents the cough, which on recent occasions has turned in antibiotics, than i will be more than happy to continue for a year if required.

It is a relief to hear from a medical professional that your son is a very sweet kid that has a good bill of health, reminds you that you are doing your best as as mother and it shows!


So we will try and put the blood tests nightmare behind us and go forward with keeping Connor beans sticky nose under control.


Disney Mom





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