My Wedding Day

When I think of my very best days, they are always filled with 2 blue eyed boys, My Husband and my Son.


Today is my very 1st Wedding anniversary. Sadly my husband and I are spending it apart. Couples are supposed to be celebrating on this day, happy that they survived the first year which is said to be one of the hardest…

Truth is, it has been one the hardest years for us. 3 months into our marital bliss my husband relapsed. We were both working at the same company in Pietermaritzburg, The Bosses called all staff member into the office on a Friday afternoon and handed us all retrenchment letters and said the company was closing down and we were not to return to work on the following Monday. 25+ Bread winners had to go home to their  family’s to say that they no longer had a job. Chris and I went home together and had no idea what we were going to do, both our incomes, chopped in the blink of an eye! Chris’s inability to live Life on Life terms meant that following week he went straight into the arms of the devil and picked up that drug. And so the vicious spiral began.

But frankly, today I would like to reflect on happier times. The happiness that filled the 6th of June 2015.


Our wedding was very small (as so was the budget) Only had close family attend. The ceremony was at our Church and reception was at our cousin’s house in Ashburton. It was everything I could have dreamed of. Beautiful, intimate and filled with love.


We set up as much as we could the day before and did last-minute running around. Chris and I spent the night apart  (who are we to mess with tradition). Connor got dropped with his Dad, to get ready together for the big day and I went with the girls to the Hairdresser. The lady was kind enough to close her salon for the day, so i would have it to my self and be free to cry and laugh and pace up and down ( I did a lot of pacing).

It was also the place I rewrote my vows. The paper with the original vows was left at home and so i had no choice. I feel that only got better at that moment. Vows are so so important and I’m thrilled that Chris and I wrote our own.

Everything was taking much longer than anticipated and I was starting to get extremely anxious, i just wanted everything to go as planned. And I definitely didn’t want to trip down the aisle. (I think that is every brides fear.)

I was running late by the time we left the hairdresser, and I’m constantly late for everything, if I say I will see you at 9am – I mean 10am. Looked like I was about to be late for my wedding as well. But with the help of cousins, aunt’s and mother in law, I was in that dress and shoes faster than I could blink. They dressed the flower girls, Sheri dived into her bridesmaid dress and we were off.

The ninja moves to get me dressed resulted in us being early!! When we arrived at the Church, everyone was still standing outside and chatting. Nobody ever expected me to be early for my wedding, they were preparing themselves for the wait.. My Father in Law drove around the block for a bit and then we tried again.


By the time I got down to the church I was shaking, nervous but oh so happy to be marrying Chris after all these years. Finally becoming one.

I had carefully planned everyone’s walk to the song “Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. When it was my queue I wasn’t paying attention and walked bit late but that didn’t matter because I sort of raced down the aisle to Chris. Tears of joy were flowing and I had little toddler at my feet wanting to be picked up in my very tight wedding dress, it was perfect. So glad he got the share our special day with us. I will forever remember the moment we stood in front of each other, the day we were united. We also christened our Connor Bean straight after we became Man and Wife. What a special day!

There wasn’t a dry eye during our ceremony, our story has touched everyone in our lives, in some way. We have overcome many hardships and obstacles, over the years and always managed to stick together. There was nothing but love that filled the room; Love for God, Love for each other and Love for our family. Thankful for the family that has stood by despite everything..

I’m thankful I got to spend the day with the people who mean the most to us, there were a few missing but they were with us in spirit. We had great company, awesome food, a special photography (Our cousin Tammy took all the amazing photos herself) and plenty of love.


My dearest son, slept through the entire reception, he was so exhausted from mommy and Daddy getting married.

Every girl dreams about her wedding day, and perhaps it wasn’t the size that I imagined but it definitely had the perfect amount of happiness. Thank you to everyone who made our day so special. I appreciate and love each and every one of you.


So although Chris and I are apart today, the memory of our special day is with us and i will always hold it dear to my heart. (and I might just watch our wedding video tonight).



Disney Mom





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