Blood Tests

What an awful, traumatic Friday that has just passed. My poor little baby had to get blood tests done, to eliminate allergies as he is getting sick too often and its always the same; Runny nose, post nasal drip and then cough that stays for weeks.

Following a previous post about things that our children inherit from us, my little boy got my deep veins…. its a struggle to find my veins on a good day and my little fighter is exactly the same.

It’s not as easy task to take blood from a 2 year old, now add that the 2 year is screaming blue murder while fighting out of his mothers grip, on top of very faint veins. Worst hour of my life… yes that is how long it took to get 8ml of blood from my Connor bean.

I was crying, he was crying and all is wanted was his Dad to be there. Chris was the one hold him for his injections and was the one to take him into theatre when he had his tonsils and adenoids removed and grommets put in. I’m not equipped emotionally to deal with such things.

So back to why the blood tests – A little history, had seen a paed in pmb when we moved up here a little under 2 years ago. I was not happy to saw the least, The paed had seen him numerous times for Ear and throat infections and never once mentioned how bad the wax build up was in his ears and how inflamed his tonsils where which were causing breathing problems (Another GP suspected Ashtma).He constantly just said he is fine and proscribed antibiotics. Our own intuitive led us to taking Connor to the ENT and had he the operation done within 2 weeks of our first appointment.

The first 4 months after the operation (once he had recovered, of course) where absolute bliss in terms of not a single snotty nose or cough.. Nothing, Nada. We did suffer with night terrors for a while but didn’t last more than a few months.

Then between his first check-up (4 months) and second Check-up(8 months) we started again with nose and throat. Each time the ears were clear and i was relieved that i didn’t have to have the grommets put in again. Each time treating the symptoms at home,(Antibiotics are not my friend unless COMPLETELY necessary) usually if it hasn’t improved in a few days, i would take the dreaded trip to the GP – who would tell me that i have done everything they would of subscribed and next step would be antibiotics. Same story, different week. You can see why i don’t rush to the doctor on the first day.

However, my poor child has been sick for the whole month of May. We have been through cough mixtures, Rinex, Dimetapp, Allergex, Acc200, Adco Flu pain, Saline Spray,Texa Allergy etc etc etc. and lastly a round of mild brad spectrum antibiotics as the GP reckons that he has mild infection only.

3 days after he was medicine free (still coughing and runny nose though) he starts with fevers 38.5, 39.6, 38.4…. at 3am in the morning I might add. Next morning i get a recommendation on a new paed and manage to book in for the same day.

After a bit of history on Connor and an examination, he confirms that Connor is a all round healthy child and he suggest we test for allergies to identify why he keeps getting the post nasal which inevitably causes the cough. He gives me meds for the Fever, Flow Mist and more texa allergy and we book an appointment for 2 weeks to go through the blood tests and a way forward. (no antibiotics, thank you!)

Little did i know what lay before me, i hope to never have to experience that again. As a parent your heart breaks into a million little pieces while you child is trying to fight out of your grip and get away, screaming in the most heart-sore way.

We were both so traumatized that we got home and slept for 4 hours. Which meant he only went to bed after 10pm but that is okay. We cuddled and played and I tried to mend my broken heart.


Hoping for a positive answer when the results come back.


Disney Mom





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