Perfect Combination

Those moments when you look at your child and you see yourself or  your partner. Its such an amazing feeling. It’s those exact times that remind me that together we made such a beautiful miracle. He is the perfect combination of  Chris and I. I honestly wouldn’t want to share a child with anyone else – Connor is perfect to me.

As Connor is getting older and forming into his own little person with his personality shining through, i have started to notice distinctive traits that come from either Chris or I. Although as times it can be annoying & frustrating – I have to remind myself that he is just learning and exploring the world one small little step (or tantrum) at a time.

Here are a few things about my boy that he gets from us:

  1. Selective Hearing – Chris would tell you that this is definitely me and i would be lying if i tried to deny it.
  2. No patience- this is a LEE thing, All the Lee Men have little to no patience. Connors patience level while waiting for his milk to warm up or tea to be made its practically non existent and he generally throws a tantrum until the bottle is in his hand. He has time to learn about patience though…. there is hope.
  3. Connor does this thing which his toes, when he is concentrating – Chris does the exact same thing. It is so sweet because he doesn’t even know he is doing it… just like Chris.
  4. Fussy eater – in Connors defense he used to eat like a champ before 18 months.. then we started going through phases and hunger strikes. He is not open to soft textures (like scrambled eggs) and very hesitate to try something he hasn’t seen before…. I know he gets that from me (covers eyes). Hopefully he will grow out of it in time as there are plenty things that i wouldn’t dare touch as a child that i love to eat now. Also – he can love something today and absolutely hate it tomorrow – sometimes hard to keep up.
  5.  Although he has his dads blue eyes and blonde hair – his hair falls in the exact same way that my hair did at that age…. the curls, the thickness, its all me except. I prayed for blue eyes and was over the moon when blessed with my blue eyes boy – just like daddy
  6. Connor did get my chin and nose though (poor kid – hahaha)
  7. The little daredevil – is without a doubt from Chris. I am a big scaredy cat at heart for most things but my little boy has no fear and I hope to a certain extent it stays that way. He will ride his bike down the drive way at such a speed without even flinching, balance along walls and running down banks. All while thoroughly enjoying himself and giving his mother mini heart attacks.
  8. He is not a pet person… and that is so me. Perhaps he will grow out of it, i’m not sure. its not that i don’t like Cats and dogs – i do think some of cut and have my favourite dog but i’m just not the person that has numerous pets at home.
  9. His obsession with shoes and hats it hands down Christopher Lee

3b909be8e9a840a7fbd6859bececed00Then there are a few other things that contribute to his beautiful soul:

  1. He is a very sympathetic boy – if one of his friends are crying or hurt at school – he is the first to go and say sorry or hold their hand.
  2. He doesn’t like people in his space. He is happy to play with anyone but don’t invade his personal space.
  3. He generally avoids conflict and would rather walk away then get involved – however he already knows at such a small age when he needs to stand up for himself. I hope to nurture that into a fine young man
  4. His love for cars, planes & bikes – Neither Chris or I have a massive obsession with cars although Chris does enjoy looking at and listening to fast cars – that is as far as it goes really. Connor has a real love for anything with wheels.
  5. He loves his chips – that he gets from his Granny. There are always chippies in granny’s house.
  6. He doesn’t like mess – he will immediately tell you that he has messed and expects you to clean it straight away. If you have asked him to wait until he is finished eating, etc. He will hold out the hand or arm that he messed on and not use it until he has been cleaned. This reminds me of only one person, Connors Godfather and Uncle – Jarrod Lee. Haha!
  7. he is a such a charmer and loves watching videos of himself. He thinks he is so funny
  8. Lastly, he is a really loving child. Loves to hug and kiss and give cuddles.At night he often falls asleep while rubbing my arm. These moments i will treasure forever. He also loves watching videos of himself. He thinks he is so funny3be96aac03333c94bf087f19c5f1f8b5

I love watching him; grow, learn and say new things. He is my little human and i love him more than anything in this world. A love so strong and unconditional.


Regardless of what obstacles we face in life, our son will always remain the best part of ourselves that we get to treasure forever.

We love you Connor Bean.


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