6 Meals, 1 Night

Being a working mom, i often feel there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. This is why i generally cook in bulk and freeze in portions – for the days we are running late or just really don’t feel like cooking. It also frees me up and allows me to spend quality time with Connor in the evening and not constantly slaving in front of the stove. Connor also doesn’t have much patience – when he wants his dinner, he wants it now!! (Typical Man) so it helps to be prepared in advance.

Last night was one of the nights i had to cook, got everything prepared and into the oven. Went to get the veg out the chest freezer only to find that everything in the freezer had defrosted! WHAT!! Thankfully its fast approaching month end so the freezer wasn’t full but still had at-least 5 meals that have now all defrosted!

After my quick panic, i start searching for the reason everything has defrosted. The plugs are all still in… the light is on… the electricity couldn’t of gone out as my fridge freezer stuff was still frozen…And then it dawns on me to check the temperature and there the evidence lies – CONNOR MITCHELL LEE had turned the freezer temperature so low it was practically off…..

My own little terrorist. I cant exactly punish him because he had no idea what he was doing – except playing with this little knob that moves around. I have since covered the temperature gauge so this awful event doesn’t happen again.

Then the fun starts, now sitting with 2 mince, 2 chicken and beef strips on my hands – i have no option but to cook everything and freeze again. Certainly not going to re-freeze the defrosted stuff raw.

So there is mom, finishing the current dinner and making 5 other meals… splitting them into relative portions and freezing for the next week and a bit. Cooking one dinner is draining after a long day… cooking 5 additional meals on a week night is no joke. And Murphy law has it that it all happens on washing day.

I specifically set certain days to do washing, vacuum, mop etc or else it doesn’t get done and then my darling son decides to unknowingly add to that workload.

While i was cooking up a storm, Connor was looking at me as if i was mad. He couldn’t understand why i was still cooking after he had already eaten his dinner. This is because of you my boy. Haha

Plus side, i wont be doing any cooking next week, except for the odd pot of pasta or rice. I call that the reward.

The dishes however were not rewarding in any way….



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