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My Son, The Traitor

I carried my son for 40 weeks and 3 days (What a miracle it is to grow a life within you)…. suffering from Heartburn from everything i ate, Was kicked and punched from the inside and endured the painful recovery from my C-Section only for Him to come out looking like his Father!!! Haha! (Not that i regret it though – he is the cutest boy i know)


Top – Connor & Bottom – Chris

For the first few months of Connors life he was the splitting image of his dad, only recently have more of my features started to show. An old school friend mentioned to me the other day that is he the perfect combination of Chris and myself. I cant help but agree.

But it doesn’t stop there…. Connors first word was baba but after that came Dada! Um okay – thank you my boy.

Connor really is a Daddy’s Boy, I suppose it helps that Chris was always very hands on with Connor. Always on the floor with him playing and attending to his needs, getting up at night and handing the bath time routine. If his dad was in the room .. no one else was worthy.

Unfortunately due to certain circumstances ( which are for another blog post) Chris has been away from Connor for a quite a while only seeing each now and then.

This does not stop him from missing his dad though. There isn’t a day that he doesn’t ask for him or about him. Even at such a small age… they know what love is.

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Initially my name went for mama to mommy and i have recently been promoted to just MOM! Completely mono-tone and called for just about everything. Dad however still gets called Daddy. If Connor is looking at photos of the 3 of us – it usually sounds like this…. “ay Connor, My Daddy and MOM!” Haha… this boy really is such a character.


Recently Connor was playing on his toy phone – pretending to talk to his Daddy and the next thing he says “Hi Daddy… mumble mumble …Wuv you”

I couldn’t believe my ears, I have been trying to get Connor to say I love you for months and then the first time he says it its to Daddy…. Wow, Thanks. Haha, I have since received my first clear “wuv you” but he chooses to say it to his Daddy first while on an imaginary call with him.

We can not take away the importance of both a Mother and Father in a child life. Bonds that are formed in the early months are so important and that is being proven to me over and over again.

Circumstances may vary and no ones life is perfect but as long as you are doing what you feel is best for your child then you are most probably making the right decisions.Sometimes we get to just be Mom – sometimes we have to be both Mom and Dad – what ever the situation is, as long as you give your best – your child will remember that they were loved.


Well Done to the Mommies and Daddies – Parenthood is hard but oh so rewarding

Family First!

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