Hello, Terrible Twos

Wow! what a testing few days that have just passed… it seems that my independent toddler is at a very difficult stage in his little life and even more difficult for his Mother ( who might just be going grey at 23!)

Everything is worthy of a melt down lately; heaven forbid that I do not take the DVD out of the DVD machine once the movie is finished?! How could i do something so awful.

When my baby was small, I couldn’t wait till he started walking and talking and become a  little person. However i’m at the stage where I have realized just how easy my little new born baby was, compared to my boisterous toddler. They say it gets easier, they lied! I’m convinced it gets a lot harder before it gets easier.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my child more than anything in this world and would do anything for him but this Saturday that has just passed – i was ready to run and hide (even just for a few minutes) In his defense he hasn’t been feeling himself , suffering from a viral cold and cough… this topped of with completely ignoring anything that I say and letting everyone in his Granny’s block of flats know that he has a good set of lungs, i found myself on the floor mimicking his 15th tantrum for the day!

The chronicles of Connor Lee over this past weekend, made me reflect back to the days before Connor was born. When I was merely a “Back Seat Parent”. Having all these unrealistic parenting styles and knowing just the type of parent i was going to be, and certainly knowing the things i was not going to tolerate with my kids (who was i kidding)

Here’s a few for a laugh: –

  1. “My kids will know how to behave when accompanying me to the shops”

Reality: A trip to the shops is not considered normal without a tantrum of some sort. Whether it be wanting to walk on his own and not sit in the trolley – which never ends well because he doesn’t stay by my side or listen but rather thinks its a brilliant time to play catch. Or constantly having to sit, touch or kneel on the floors! What is so fascinating about the floors in a mall? All i can think about is how dirty they are but he reckons its a nice time to pretend to be relaxing on his Fathers Yacht.

Here is Connor on Saturday lying on the floor in PEP


2. “I will not allow a public tantrum to get the better of me”

Reality: On Sunday, Connor screamed through an entire nappy change while having to stand in the ladies bathroom because there was no baby change mat (that is for a completely different rant. All bathrooms in malls or restaurants should have at least one baby fold out change mat) The looks we got from the older woman in the bathroom was definitely not of a sympathetic mother but rather “please control your child!” As if i hadn’t been trying to do that for the last 10 minutes. The more Connor got worked up the more i got worked up. Also a nappy change is not a easy task on a bed or change mat – doing it while standing in a cubicle and having to remove jeans and takkies and then put them back on, it can considered a work out.

Try reprimand your child in public and the looks are just as bad. You can never win!

images (7)

These tantrums can start from nothing and escalate to the point when the neighbors might come ask if my child is being physically hurt.

Bath time is apparently a torture like no other  (relatively new thing coming from a child that loved his baths)

Toast is a staple dinner.

Having to get out pajamas and into clothes for school turns in a screaming match where Connor is crying “Mine Mine Mine” because the pants have been removed from his body and tracksuit pants are now on.

The little rides (like the ones where you pay R5 and last 50 seconds) that sit outside malls and shops are my worst nightmare. One, two, three rides are never enough for my child. Its a screaming match to get him to part with the dear giraffe or Choo Choo ?Train. Lets not even mention Funtubbles in Midlands Mall.

images (6)

I have to admit that Connors ability to understand more does have many advantages. Among them, is the ability to negotiate and bribe (how terrible, i know!)

Mom: Connor if you do not start eating then i will turn off the movie.

Connor:  *Ignores me*

Mom: *turns off the movie*

Connor: Cry’s and cry’s.

We discuss the fact that he needs to eat all his dinner.

Connor: *Comes back to sit at the table and eat*

Mom: *Put the movie back on and watch as he eats all his dinner*

And then a small celebration because I won the battle (YAY!)


But regardless of how tired i am or how frustrating the day has been… I will never stop trying to raise my Son the best way i can.



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2 thoughts on “Hello, Terrible Twos

  1. Thank you for this! I have a 2 year old and his name is also Connor. I have just been told by someone very close to me that I am a bad parent, simply because my 2 year old is a lunatic at the moment ( This to shall pass!) It makes me feel so much better knowing that I’m not alone in this madness


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog 😊 you are Defintely not alone. And Defintely don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you are a bad parent. Toddlers will be toddlers and you are so right, it will pass and we will they are older and the tantrums are a thing of the past, we look back on the tiring and testing days and laugh at the scenes. Lol. As hard as it gets… they only small for so long. But I feel its good to have a little vent and relate with other moms. Good luck Mommy. P.s. all the Connor’s that I have met since my son was born – have all given their mother’s a hard time. Must be the name. Hehe xx


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