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Don’t mess with my Cub!

What a wonderful day it was in Durban today. We decided to take Connor down to the beach this morning to play in the waves. 🏄🌊🐚

We were having a wonderful time and Connor was thoroughly enjoying himself (proud to say he loves the sea just as much as his dad does)


Connor then decide to start running in and out of the water, it was low tide and perfect for him to do so. We stayed in the small waves for when he ran back in… not taking our eyes off him. There was a crowd of people on his left but he didn’t pay any attention to them. On his way out of the water and onto the dry sand for the second time, this guy starts running behind Connor clearly trying to trip him!

Oh no! You did not just try and trip my child???? I shouted for him but he just ignored me.  So I marched right up into their ‘crowd’ and asked him who the hell he thinks he is trying to trip my child! (Cue the profanity ) All I could see was RED…. nobody messes with my Cub.

This mama bear was furious. Hands shaking, blood boiling and heart pounding.  This guy then has the cheek to casually say to me that they were playing! Did my child ask you to play with him? NO! So just leave other people’s children alone. A few more profanities mumbled as I marched away back into the water to my son and his Granny.

Don’t mess with this mama bear. That is my child. I can’t even imagine if he had of actually tripped him. My 2 year old would of face planted the sand and I defintely would of gone crazy!!

Why do strangers feel the need to touch and pick up and hold another woman’s child. “No, you can not take a picture with my child”  This has happened on a few occasions and I can’t for the life of me, fathom why someone would want a picture with someone else’s child.

Frankly, if I don’t know you… don’t touch my child. You may certainly greet them. I am teaching my child to show manners wherever he goes BUT do not invade his personal space… because then you would be invading mine and nobody messes with my cub!



Disney Mom a.k.a. Mama Bear


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